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User:_____ (19513)
wonder what she's doin' now, and whether she's still livin'...
Name:so when you reach the top; just throw yourself off

flowers bloom in harmony,
and mix tapes from the sixties.
fueled by the lsd, he looks into his future.

Interests:72: admiring goalies, al harris, backstroke, beer, being a tomboy, being on top, being overly-nice to douchebags, being-better-and-faster-than-all-the-lifeguards ha, breaststroke, bronze if i-have- to-like-it, butterfly, buying clothes, chevelle, curtis myden, dancing, danny heatley, did-you-not-hear-me? michael-fuckin-phelps, dives, drag suits, drinking, drinking games, drinking sixty-sixes, drunken escapades, dwayne roloson is embarrassing, edmonton oilers, face offs, falling for forwards, flip turns, football, freestyle, gold medals, hemsky, hockey, jerome iginla, kareokee if i get-a-few-in-my-system, keggers, kokanee, making friends with bouncers, making ridiculous faces, marijuana, michael phelps, music, my cottage, my ipod, national team members, not gin (gross), not rum thanks, ottawa senators, people in planes, playing super.mario while hammed, polar ice, power plays, racking up my creditcard, red hot chili peppers, silver's all right too, speedo, spezza, starts, swimming a lot, swimming competitively, the blue bombers, the cfl, the cleavland browns, the lions, the olympics, tonic, tossing a baseball around, trying to skate, victor davis, vodka + most things, vodka + orange juice, wearing skirts
Schools:None listed
Communities9:bitchbook, cocktail_hour, dear_you, flamecup, honorcup, madeofwin, post_secret, rants, savinme
Member of:9: bitchbook, cocktail_hour, dear_you, flamecup, honorcup, madeofwin, post_secret, rants, savinme
Account type:Early Free User

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