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User:forthwritten (19103)
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:I'm a linguistics student and very junior researcher. More specifically, I'm an MPhil student and my project (I can't bring myself to call it a thesis yet) is in corpus linguistics. I do write about this sometimes and sometimes I even write about it in a vaguely coherent manner, but most of it at the moment is being worried, woeful and confused about obtaining my data. I have been assured that I will be worried, woeful and confused for the next four years, but I hope that the reasons for being so will change.

Sometimes I do editing stuff because I like to pretend a degree in English actually qualifies me for something. By "editing stuff" I don't mean that I get to sit at a desk and bark orders at people; I'm more the kind of person in whose direction is thrust a sheaf of papers and a request to make it make sense please.

I like reading (although perhaps don't read as much as I used to) and music (although perhaps don't listen to as much as I used to). I also like tea, although unlike the other two, I probably should drink it rather than collect it.
Interests:108: abandoned underground stations, all-nighters, androgyny, ani difranco, anti-racism, architecture, being english and indian, billy bragg, black tea, blaggage, bloc party, british sea power, calligraphy, catacombs, catholicism, cheese, cheese...thing, choirs, choral music, computer mediated communication, cooking, corpus linguistics, critical discourse analysis, cryptozoology, disliking marmite, doctor who, eclectic musical taste, english common room coffee, evelyn waugh, fair trade, falsifying statistics, father ted, feminism, gender theory, genderqueer, ghoti, giant squid, gin, gin ginnery, glass bead games, graffiti in the sydney-jones, graham greene, hamer's bus stop molestion-in-the-name-of-research, hipbones, international phonetic alphabet, interrobangs, invocal, jeff buckley, joy division, le tigre, lecturers' tangents, lexical priming, lgbt, liberating cutlery, linguistics, literature, liverpool, look around you, ludic functions, m.i.a., massive attack, obsessive hatred of mayonnaise, other peoples' bookshelves, owls, papal minuscule, patrick wolf, peter cook, philip larkin, pimms, portishead, prinknash incense, procrastination, pulp, queer, queer theory, questionable humour, radiohead, rats, real ale, sarcasm, scarves, scary looking owls, schwa, science fiction, singing, slam-door trains, sociolinguistics, student radio, tea, the attractive and weird, the attractively weird, the fourth doctor's scarf, the naughty men, thylacines, tortall, trying to boycott nestle, university of liverpool, vague attempts at activism, vegetarianism, virginia woolf, water harvesting, whittards, winchester, winchester hat fair, wine, words, worrying about the environment, your alcohol
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities4:addme, cocktail_hour, conquered, scribbldsuggest
Member of:4: addme, cocktail_hour, conquered, scribbldsuggest
Account type:Early Free User

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