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User:incandescente (13914)
Website:Mango Milkshake
MSN Username:
Bio:Well, my name is Patricia and I was born on the 6th of January, 1988, which makes me a Capricorn. I live in a small city in the North of Spain, so my mother tongue is Spanish, I've been studying English for several years, though. Currently I'm a Spanish Philology student at Oviedo's University. I live with my lovely parents and my brother, he's a Psychologist and he might be moving soon :(

I'm taken by the most amazing boy in this world, Jorge. We get on really well, since we both are freaks, we have a lot of things in common and I love him to bits!

Overall, I'm pretty cheerful, friendly and loyal. My beloved ones know that they can trust me, I'll always be there for them. I'm really stubborn, too, so I get what I want most of the time. I'm artistic and creative and somehow eccentric {that's what people say, lol}. I'm also super-sensitive, I'm the one who cries while watching any film. But you may call me geek/freak. I'm a big fan of manga, and I'm obsessed with Naruto. I also love Paradise Kiss, Card Captor Sakura, Clover, Angelic Layer, Chobits...

I love reading, shopping, writing, drawing & painting, web design, photography, clothes design, graphic making and a bunch of other stuff. I'm in love with plushies, shoes and cute things, and make-up is my life. It'd be amazing to be a make-up artist, wouldn't it? I also looove hanging out with my friends, dancing and drinking {socially}. ' I love the humanity and I'm sure this world could be a better place if we all did something about Bush politics & politicians.

Interests:120: 20s, 300, 60s & 80s, a clockwork orange, absinthe, accesories, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, amelie, american history x, american psycho, ancient cultures, anne rice, architecture, art, avalanch, bach, ballad of jack&rose, beatles, becquer, beethoven, beetlejuice, big fish, black vodka, blink182, body modification, caffeine, charles dickens, cheese, chocolat, chocolate, coke, cookies, cooking, corpse bride, cradle of filth, danny elfman, david bowie, depeche mode, disturbed, diy clothing, drawing, edward scissorshands, fast food nation, finding nemo, finding neverland, goethe, him, ice-cream, interview with the vampire, jane austen, l.i.e., labyrinth, linkin park, little miss sunshine, lorca, lord of the rings, love actually, machado, make-up, manga, marea, martini, mc call smith, meat, mook, moulin rouge, mulan, muse, mushrooms, music, nietzsche, nightwish, nintendo, oranges, painting, pan's labyrinth, pasta, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, placebo, popcorn, queen, reading, requiem for a dream, rhapsody, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, ruiz zafón, salads, sanrio, shoes, shopping, sierra i fabra, sleepy hollow, smashing pumpkins, strawberries, sushi, system of a down, sôber, süskind, the nightmare before christmas, the pursuit of happiness, the strokes, thirteen, travelling, unamuno, underwear, v for vendetta, velvet goldmine, virginia woolf, vivaldi, wagner, warcry, watermelon, william shakespeare, wizard of oz, writing, zorrilla
Schools:None listed
People15:61_keys_to_play, amaz_za_zing, bebe, bloodleaf, goldensnitch, keyblade, lawrencegordon, prettyinink, ricia, roniah, shades, skye, slut, tea_party, teeth
Communities12:addme, badtattoos, flame_cup, flamecup, honor_cup, honorcup, literature, nerds, post_secret, sextalk, tattoos, thrashground
Mutual Friends:14: 61_keys_to_play, amaz_za_zing, bloodleaf, goldensnitch, keyblade, lawrencegordon, prettyinink, ricia, roniah, shades, skye, slut, tea_party, teeth
Member of:16: addme, badtattoos, cocktail_hour, donut, flame_cup, flamecup, honor_cup, honorcup, iam, literature, nerds, post_secret, sextalk, superlative, tattoos, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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