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Community Information

Below is information about the "Nerds Graphics" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:nerds (15419)
for all of your graphic needs
Name:Nerds Graphics


Welcome to Nerds Graphics Community. We were created on January 23, 2008 for the purpose of bringing you the best selection of graphics on Scribbld! Please read the rules before you request to join, and be sure to follow the rules every time you visit!

1. Comment. Be sure to comment every once and a while. When we make something, we like to know what is liked and what isn't, and if you don't comment, we can't know that!
2.Credit. Always. It is a must, unless the poster says that it isn't required. Each post will tell you how the individial poster would like to be credited. If they don't, just do a simple username @ nerds in your comments for icons, or in your userinfo.
3.Hotlinking. Never ever do it. It uses up our personal bandwidth and you will ruin this community for everyone if our makers bandwidth is exceeded. Don't know what it is? Read this.
4.Redistributing. Once again, never do it. If someone wants to know where you got something from, direct them here. Redistributing can lead to lose of crediting and we don't want that. This is considered stealing and if we catch you doing it you will be banned.
5.Repsect. Always respect the maintainers of this community, along with it's members. No exceptions.

Shaz's examples [dontconfess] | Page's examples [monument] |
Alicia's examples [keepmeonmytoes]

Maintainers:3: chuckles, keepmeonmytoes, monument
Members:95: _empire, alexevans, amapeli, anon_e_mousse, appeasing, atelier, bananapancakes, baser, beckymarie, bitten, bloodleaf, celebrate, chemikill, chuckles, cincinnati, cristina_lacosa, cutiefreak, dashing, davetango, dcma, desiired, desire, discoglamour, dolls, driveshaft, drunk, emerald_chaos, enchanted_love, faulkner, flamingoes, flirty, freckle, freebird, frostbitten, funk, genevra, glamorousqueen, gwenog, headlines, heartarcade, heartcanttakeit, hilary, hiswifeyy, holdyourstage, how, incandescente, inkoflemon, inspire, inspires, itsa_twister, jealous, jellybones, keepmeonmytoes, kickawesome, kicks, killmedead, kiss, kristenvaleria, ladyfresh, lawrencegordon, lethe, lindynicole, loh, lovehoodies, loveletters, melrose, monument, musicable, paperbackwriter, party, phoenyx, pocahontas, ruin, sammi, sjonas, solpadeine, startrek, stxr, sushiflower, the_red_shoes, thisonething, titjobs, tragus, vag, val0, velociraptor, veritas, viored, wasabi, whiskey, wishfully, yellowsubmarine, zoli
Account type:Early Free User

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