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User:holdyourstage (16272)
it's a new life for me
and i'm feeling good
Name:all the truth's unwinding
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:for one moment
i wish you'd hold your stage
with no feelings at all
open minded
i'm sure i used to be so free
Interests:17: alex rider, avatar, buffy the vampire slayer, citizen erased, cobra starship, dark tower, elitism, indie music, joss whedon's imagination, muse, queer as folk, roleplaying, rum, spaceships, star wars, the dykeenies, the pigeon detectives
Schools:None listed
People8:driveshaft, jkrowling, news, saturday, solomaneuvers, system, thesecondperson, thisonething
Communities8:addme, inkpen, nerds, promote, sq, statements, the_signal, wrotedown
Account type:Early Free User

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