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User:solomaneuvers (18425)
tempered steel
a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends
Name:jaina solo; sword of the jedi.

The name's Solo. Jaina Solo.

That's right, one of those infamous kids that those even more infamous rebels Han Solo and Leia Organa brought wreaking havoc into this world. Just Jaina's fine if you like, but if not, just pick whichever of my myriad of nicknames--Jaya, Sticks, Goddess, Great One, Trickster--blows your pretty little shimmersilk skirt up the most.

Having an uncle like Luke Skywalker'll teach you a thing or two about being a jedi, so thanks to him and Aunt Mara, I've ascended to the status of Jedi Knight--and 'Sword of the Jedi', which I've spent fifteen years now trying to figure out what the kriff means. I'm a pretty astral pilot, too, was in the military before my twin brother court marshalled me, have been through a galaxy invasion, seen a brother die, and am in the middle of a whole new, crazy war, with my other brother right at the head of the opposing side. I guess you could say that I've seen a lot in my life.

[ jaina solo is not real. this journal is for rp purposes only. ]

Interests:20: allana djo, anakin solo, being a jedi, ben skywalker, fixing stuff, flying, han solo, jacen solo, jagged fel, kriff, kyp durron, leia organa solo, luke skywalker, mara jade skywalker, rogue squadron, stealth x's, tenel ka, twin suns squadron, wangsty dark-haired men, zekk
Schools:None listed
Communities3:muses_ooc, muses_rp, musestalk
Friend of:2: holdyourstage, yaslana
Member of:3: muses_ooc, muses_rp, musestalk
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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