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Community Information

Below is information about the "RP Section for Muses Talk" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:muses_rp (18066)
(no userpics)
Name:RP Section for Muses Talk
Website:Main Community
About:This is a sister community for [info]musestalk.

Sign ups are over this way.

Sometimes, even when writing prompts, it's nice to have actual character to character interaction. While, here's where they can have it.
There are only two rules for this community.
1.) No Godmoding.
2.) If the scene goes higher than a PG-13, make a note of it in the original post so those that enjoy reading know what they're in for.

The What and How of it?
The setting for it is a luxury hotel named RĂªve, in the 21st century. The way to the hotel? Your character will find a package one day. Inside the package will be an old skeleton key and instructions on which door to use it in order to reach the hotel. Upon walking through the doorway after using the key, your character will find them in their hotel room and from there they can explore the hotel.

Like most hotels, there is an elevator and several floors. There's also a restaurant with a full service bar, a lobby with a front desk, a pool, a rec room, and an enclosed garden. There is a front door and while it looks like they'd be able to walk right out the front door, when ever they get close it will feel like they just really don't want to go that way. If one were to fight through this really strong compulsion, and not many will be able to, an open door will revel that there's no where to go. No like a brick wall, but it will open into space.

The hotel room is free for your character's use, no bill being totaled up for them using it or not, but anything else that they may want to purchase in bar is up to them to find the money for. The hotel run businesses do however take any and all forms of currency, from any world or dimension.
Interests:6: fanfiction, muses, original characters, roleplaying, rp, writing
Maintainers:1: kouger_paw
Members:14: californianwolf, hearthwitch, kouger_paw, ladyofavalon, livinglifeblind, morgause, mystical_red, robert_goren, solomaneuvers, summoningsoul, tanuki, teaboy, traitor, yaslana
Watched by:15: californianwolf, dreamsmadeflesh, hearthwitch, ladyofavalon, livinglifeblind, morgause, mystical_red, robert_goren, shiegra, solomaneuvers, summoningsoul, tanuki, teaboy, traitor, yaslana
Account type:Early Free User

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