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User:driveshaft (14380)
D R I V E S H A F T @scribbld
Name:jake ♪
AOL IM:AIM status snowpatrolled (Add Buddy, Send Message)
i'm just sitting here with my guitar thinking of a song to write for you
Interests:60: all american rejects, altima, audio slave, bestbuy, boys like girls, buffy the vampire slayer, bull dogs, cars, chuck, computers, dinos ate my baby, dinosaurs, doctors, dogs, drinking, driving, english bulldog, friends, girls, girls grey's anatomy, hawthorn hieghts, heroes, horror films, jessssica, kristin bell, labs, las vegas, macbook, motion pictures, music, mustangs, my iphone, my last november, myspace, myspace.com/jacob0, nissan, ocean, photography, quiet drive, racing, radio, rain, robots, sam goody, sarah michelle gellar, scary movies, shots, silverstien, simple plan, snow, snow patrol, songs, sugarcult, surgeons, swimming, the beach, the ocean, thunder, vodka, writing
Schools:None listed
People36:amaz_za_zing, aprill, bosox, british, cali, chuckles, classic, clearing, desiired, dollfaced, driveshaft, duck, flirty, holdyourstage, inspire, lawrencegordon, loved, model, nitro, ocean, philosophy, sexandpolitics, smile, songbird, sparks, teeth, tennessee, tilt, titjobs, uhoh, val0, wallflower, wan, wasabi, wishes, zombies
Communities11:addme, bitchbook, chill, conquered, flamecup, honorcup, inkpen, machete, myspacers, post_secret, regal
Friend of:23: amaz_za_zing, bosox, british, cali, classic, clearing, desiired, dollfaced, driveshaft, holdyourstage, inspire, lawrencegordon, philosophy, sexandpolitics, songbird, sparks, teeth, tennessee, tilt, titjobs, uhoh, val0, zombies
Member of:8: addme, conquered, harsh, inkpen, myspacers, nerds, post_secret, regal
Account type:Early Free User

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