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User:sexandpolitics (11209)
Name:Mary Jane's Last Dance
Location:St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Bio:Everything you need to know is down below. :D
Interests:135: 90s alternative rock, aladdin, american dad, angry beavers, animaniacs, anna maria island, barbecue, baseball, batman, beach bums, beauty and the beast, beavis and butthead, beer, being awesome, being me, bender, boardwalk empire, camel lights, canoeing, captain morgan, cartman, cats, charming charlie, chillin, classic rock, clerks, cooking, dexter, dinosaur rock, disney world, donkey kong, doodling, drag queens, dressing up, dropkick murphys, education, ethnic food, fallout, football, forever 21, freaks and geeks, futurama, gangsta rap, gay rights, going out, good beer, gordon ramsay, guns n' roses, hair metal, hamburgers, hbo, hell's kitchen, high heels, hiking, hot peppers, hot sauce, hung, inception, intelligent conversations, intelligent people, jay and silent bob, katamari damacy, kitchen nightmares, kittens, legend of zelda, lightsabers, lilo and stitch, looking fabulous, mac, mac cosmetics, marijuana legalization, mario, masterchef, mclusky, mlb, motley crue, mst3k, music videos, mystery science theater 3000, nail polish, nerds, new orleans saints, nfl, nintendo wii, pepsi throwback, pixar, poker, ps3, psychology, ramsay's kitchen nightmares, ratatouille, rays, red hair, redheads, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, rocky and bullwinkle, running, saints, showtime, sleeping, south park, spicy food, star wars, stephen colbert, stila, super mario brothers, swimming, tabitha coffey, tabitha's salon takeover, taking pictures, tampa bay rays, tattoos, thai food, the beach, the colbert report, the critic, the daily show, the dark knight, the lion king, the little mermaid, the ocean, the venture bros., tom petty, top chef, true blood, twin peaks, underdog, up, urban decay, urban exploration, wall-e, wii, witticism, writing
Schools:Hermitage High School - Richmond, VA (2000 - 2004)
St. Petersburg College - St. Petersburg, FL (2007 - present)
People13:bebe, bodysuit, doe, driveshaft, eevee, entropy, heartburn, kiokushitaka, kuroitenshi, news, shinimegami, stewardess, zoli
Communities3:bitchbook, madeofwin, topsekrits
Friend of:9: bodysuit, driveshaft, eevee, entropy, heartburn, kuroitenshi, shinimegami, stewardess, zoli
Member of:3: bitchbook, madeofwin, topsekrits
Account type:Early Adopter

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