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User:discoglamour (27978)
Name:poor little rich girl.

this journal is private.

Interests:85: a.jolie: soulmate&idol, adriana lima, alessandra ambrosio, ana beatriz barros, andy warhol's art"es, art, ashley olsen, audrey hepburn, bicurious, bob marley♥, brazilian supermodels, breakfast at tiffany's, britney&justin, california, cigarette breaks, clubbin' sexy boys, coffee, cory kennedy, crookers, crystal castles, cute life, dico shit, disco stick, dolls, experimenting with my sexuality, fafinettes, fashion, fashion designing/photography, fashion editiorials, fashion magazines, fashion photography, ganja, glamour stains, gwen stefani's music&style, heatherette, hip bones, holly golightly♥, hot sex, if you seek amy, invisible children, jack johnson, james franco, jessica stam, john lennon♥, john mayer, just jack, kanye west, kate moss, l.a, l.a. street style, lady gaga's music&style, los angeles, m.fox is my girlfriend, m.i.a&santogold, mac make-up, marilyn monroe, mary-kate olsen inspired, mary-kate's style, my disco friends, n.a.s.a, n.e.r.d, new york street style, original&creative, paintings, peace, peace corps, pharell williams, photojournalism, pornographic girls on film, quotes in latin, rap/reggae/trance/electronica/house/pop music, redbull&vodka, richard prince, skinny bitch, south america, starbucks, tattoos are sexy, tattoos with meaning, tea, the neptunes, tourism, traveling, vogue is my bible, wanna party with mk, xtina:stripped era
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities5:above, conquered, donut, inkpen, nerds
Member of:5: above, conquered, donut, inkpen, nerds
Account type:Early Free User

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