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User:lovehoodies (14265)
Location:glen cove, New York, United States
AOL IM:AIM status shtina06 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status shtina06 (Add User, Send Message)

the names christina but im known to some as shtina or odubs. born on june 19th, 1988 im a 19 year old gemini. im living on long island, new york, born & raised. i attend nassau community college going for my associates in criminal justice. im planning on going to john jay for forensic psychology, then stay at john jay for a ph.d in clinical psychology specializing in forensics ;) im toying with the idea of joining the fbi behaiorial science unit. i am absolutely in love with my boyfriend john (1 . 21 . 06) he means everything to me, he's my entire world and everything i do, i do with him in mind. my friends are amazing and if you mess with them, i'll be after you, you mess with me, they'll be after you. i can be very friendly, social, outgoing, talkative, loving, caring, and compassionate, but i'm also assertive, attention craving, aggressive, dominant, suspicious, sarcastic, reactive, impatient, whiney, stubborn and clingy & jealous (especially with my boyfriend.) i hate being ignored. i'm a hard worker, needs things to be organized, though i can be very messy especially when i'm lazy. i can sleep alll day if i could. i'm sensitive and emotional but i never cry in front of anybody (except john.) i don't like to be alone unless i'm upset. i fear being rejected, walked out on. it's hard for me to let go of relationships and it's very hard for me to trust people. i often put my heart over my mind and have a soft spot for love. i sing along to the radio in my car when i'm by myself. handbags and victoria's secret underwear are my favorite things to buy. shopping is an ultimate pastime. marilyn monroe is my icon. purples my color. im addicted to text messaging.

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john, january 21,2006...i have never been so in love with anybody else before. he's my whole world, everything to me and without him now, i don't know what i'd do with myself. we met in the mall because we both worked there. he would always come by and see me and walk around with me during my breaks. i saw him as somewhat of a friend who i went to see when i had nothing to do. he started asking me when he could take me out and i always turned him down. when i went to go see him at work one day, i found out he was in jail for a traffic violation. i missed him so much and realized at that point that i wanted to be with him. i wanted him to give me one more chance to say yes and that came when he drove me home that night. although i get very jealous, i know he loves me, i can tell in the way he is around me. it took a while for me to fall in love with him and that's how i know this is real. we argue but can never stay mad at each other and although my biggest fear is that he'll leave me, he constantly reassures me that he's not going anywhere. even when we argue we still love each other, we have tolerance for each others actions. i don't feel conscious around him, he loves me just as i am. i love being with him, the way he kisses me and i can't get enough of kissing him. he can hold me for hours, thats all i want. the unconditional love between us is more then i have ever felt and that means more to me than anything.

new friends please view this entry.
Interests:102: abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, avocado, ballet flats, boyfriend, broccoli, burberry, caesar salad, candles, candy corn, canolis, cell phone, chanel, cheescake factory, chicken salad, chinese food, chipotle sauce, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate mousse, coach, coffee, comments, criminal justice, cuddling, dancing, diamonds, dolce & gabanna, driving, fbi, forensics, forever 21, french vanilla, friends, frou frou, garlic, gingerbread, godiva, green tea, greys anatomy, h&m, handbags, holding hands, hollister, hoodies, house, hugs, icons, italian food, jeans, june, justice, kisses, kurt halsey, kut-u-up, law, law & order: svu, layouts, legally blonde, leonardo dicaprio, long island, love, lyrics, macaroni grill, macaroni salad, mae, marilyn monroe, mascara, mashed potatoes, mayonnaise, mexican food, monkeys, music, new york, new york & company, onions, peanut butter, perfume, pictures, potato salad, psychology, purple, ranch dressing, reese witherspoon, reeses peanut butter cups, rice, shopping, sleeping, something corporate, soy sauce, staind, starbucks, strawberries, subway, taco bell, taking back sunday, the gap, the notebook, tiffanys, victorias secret, vitamin water, writing.
Schools:None listed
People8:country, etudes, hookah, joyrides, ladyfresh, loved, over, teqquilasunrise
Communities14:100x100, addme, addmelovey, chill, community_promo, conquered, crowded, desirables, iconic, inkpen, machete, nerds, promote, thrashground
Friend of:10: country, delias, elit, etudes, joyrides, maps, natural, over, teqquilasunrise, tingles
Member of:14: 100x100, addme, addmelovey, chill, community_promo, conquered, crowded, desirables, iconic, inkpen, machete, nerds, promote, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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