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Community Information

Below is information about the "desirable icons!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:desirables (11797)
Name:desirable icons!


1. Always credit using lj-tags like this [info]desirables.
2. Do not hotlink.
3. Do not steal or claim as your own work.
4. Do not edit any graphics made here unless I say you can do so.
5. Please comment if you take something. I don't care what numbers really, just say, "Took a few!".
6. Don't be rude. I'm making graphics on my own, because I want to. I owe you nothing.
7. If you take it, use it! DUH :D
8. Enjoy what you find here and tell your friends! ;]

Affiliates: [info]bluesky [info]crowded [info]machete [info]thrashground

Maintainers:1: fantasy
Members:229: 01209, _rubbers, abeautifulmind, abigailjlucas, acontradiction, airwaves, almighty, amazings, amoeba, amour, anon_e_mousse, appeasing, apreciar, art, athena, atonement, aurorlexi, averys, batmanda, beckymarie, bicycle, bitten, blackbirdfly, blissfully, bloodleaf, bodegadreams, bombsaway, bosox, bou, brownie, caitsith, caked, callipygous, cam, cautionarytales, ccaseyaffleck, cec, chandelier, chemikill, chimera, chordy, cimmerianwings, cityofevil, cocky, condemnation, copcars, cor_leonis, crimsonlegend, cristina_lacosa, cupcakin, curiosity, dasvidania, defygravity, demembers, derkins, desire, despair, devilbear, devoured, devours, dicembre, donahue, drinks, drugs, drunk, ecoute, edward, effy, elizabethtown, emblake, esherri, eth, faithheartsoul, falco, fallenmelody, fantasy, faulkner, feminine, flamingoes, flammifer, flirty, florence, flygirl_, freshwater, fucker, funk, geisterfahrer, glamorous, glamorousqueen, graceland, gulf, guyfieri, gymtanlaundry, halfheart, hametsu, higinia, hilary, horror, how, hummingbirds, illuminated, im_sirius, immlass, inspire, itslexi, izzie, jacoblack, jealous, jimkirk, justinchon, justpretend, kaetii, kazuya, kenley, kickawesome, kimberlee, kiss, krankheit, kristenvaleria, kristopher, ksloan, laci, ladyfresh, lawrencearms, lawrencegordon, lethe, lilithnaamah, lipsandheart, livis, losechesters, loveandpink, lovehoodies, lowellcollins, lukasms, luring_hearts, marcova, markwill, maxxie, melrose, memento_mori, memorysketch, mikipinku, model, monkeypotatoes, moonagereverie, moonrise, mrcullen, mw, nargle, nataliaa, neku, nocturnus, noellle, obsidian, onethingreal, onetobindthem, outbreaks, oxanna, party, peachgirl, pesha, philosophy, pinktopic, pocahontas, pornograffiti, princessdrool, princessies, prinzessin, private_battles, promiscuous, radnor, raychelleeliz, rebeccalynn, reggae, resiliency, rinali, robinhood, sammiesu, sandglass, sexpanther, shessohollywood, skydreamers, skylerkuhn, sleeplessplague, somebunni, spectacular, spidersong, spikeheels, stephenlysacek, strip, strobelightslie, surfers, surfs, sushiflower, sylph, symphonic, taemin, tainted, targarianne, teeth, telescopes, thatcrazygirl, thelivingmyth, thisafterlife, tidal, tiptoes, tokyo, towny, tryslora, tryst, twistedgore, vag, valkyrietheory, vanish, vapidwhore, vault, velociraptor, verbaltea, veritas, viored, vodkahh, wanderlust, wezo, whiskey, wishfully, xeno_bia, yellowsubmarine, yourcall, zoli
Account type:Early Adopter

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