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User:chandelier (19248)
Interests:150: , accents, acting, acting goofy, allure, american idol, amy adams, andrea bocelli, anne hathaway, anthropology, audrey hepburn, autism research, beauty, beauty products, biopics, bitter:sweet, bombshell style, books, britney spears, burberry, carlos santana, champagne, chanel, chinese food, christian bale, christina aguilera, cillian murphy, classical music, coach, cocktails, coffee to go, comedies, couture, crystal, cupcakes, dancing, diamonds, dior, dolce & gabbana, dramas, dreams, dresses, driving, elegance, elizabeth taylor, emily blunt, exercise, fashion, fiona apple, france, frank sinatra, getting all dolled up, god is love, gwen stefani, handbags, health, hot pink roses, ingrid bergman, jack johnson, jack nicholson, jane green, jason mraz, jazz, john mayer, john updike, josh groban, justin timberlake, kate winslet, kelly clarkson, kt tunstall, kylie minogue, lace, laughing, learning other languages, legally blonde, life, lord byron, love, magazines, marilyn monroe, matchbox twenty, matt damon, meryl streep, michael buble, michael cunningham, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, natalie portman, nicole kidman, no doubt, norah jones, nouvelle vague, office supplies, opera, paper journals, parties, paul newman, peace, perfume, photography, pictures, pilates, pink, pop, psychology, r&b, rachel mcadams, reading, remixes, rihanna, sara bareilles, sephora, shopping, singing, skincare, sleeping, smiling, spoon, starbucks, stilettos, strawberries, style, summertime, sushi, sylvia plath, tea, techno, tennessee williams, the afters, the beatles, the darjeeling limited, the devil wears prada, the killers, the kinks, the office, the prestige, the strokes, thrillers, tranquility, vanessa carlton, victoria's secret, vivien leigh, vladimir nabokov, vogue, water, will & grace, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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