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User:thatcrazygirl (38589)
[ solitary insanity ]
Anne's Character Development Journal
AOL IM:AIM status sophialoving (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status x_gleek (Add User, Send Message)

· about the roleplayer ·

My name is Anne, I'm 26 years old. I've been roleplaying on and off for far too long now. I've done it all except roleplays on MySpace. IMs and chats, forums...I've seen it all. I do most of my roleplaying now on forums but I've gotten the itch to roleplay on journals like this one again. Feel free to suggest a roleplay to me. The fandoms I roleplay are: Harry Potter, Glee, Gossip Girl, Power Rangers and I'm open to original character based roleplays as well. I have contact information here so feel free to message me if you want to try something out.

· the most recent characters ·

active characters:
[scribbld] - Stephen Lysacek

retired characters:
[no journal] - Bryan Ryan//Christel Manzano
[scribbld] - Colleen Walsh//Avery Jacobs//Justine McDonald//Hannah Abbott

· the roleplays & personal storylines ·

the roleplays
[forums] - Glory Days//Helix Felicis//Octavus
[scribbld] - A Shot of Adrenaline

the personal storylines
Hannah Abbott with Ernie MacMillan

· Profile Info by NuttyMusings ·
Interests:6: character development, glee, harry potter, power rangers, roleplay, roleplaying
Schools:None listed
People12:cjw_puffpride, dogstar7, doominatrix, eclectic, gissyinmypants, hannahabbott, illistrate, isabellahickey, jamespotterii, justintime, passthemike, teenymac
Communities5:adrenaline_info, adrenaline_main, adrenaline_ooc, desirables, lovestruck
Mutual Friends:4: dogstar7, eclectic, hannahabbott, illistrate
Member of:5: adrenaline_info, adrenaline_main, adrenaline_ooc, desirables, lovestruck
Account type:Early Free User

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