Stephen Lysacek [Octavus]  
03:23pm 11/06/2012
Stephen Lysacek
I don't wanna be anything other than I've been trying to be lately
Full Name: Stephen Matthew Lysacek
Birthday: July 23rd, 1981
Year & House: Former Gryffindor, Post-Hogwarts
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
Stephen is what you would call an attention hog. Being an only child made him the center of his parents' attention and it has become his expectation that he becomes the center of everyone else's attention, which can be rather annoying to the people around him when he forgets to control that part of his personality. He's also rather tempermental when things don't go his way and in a leadership position, he expects everyone to understand their role in the team, which stems from his days counseling at Quiddich camp for the past two summers. He can come across as a tad bossy at times, but when his friends remind him to chill, he usually does. On the flip side though, Stephen is an adorable romantic, outgoing and extrovert, needing to draw energy from other people to bring the best out of his personality. He can be chivalrous and adorable, as well as flirtatious. While his attempts to attract the opposite gender don't always work out, he tries to bounce back and try again. He's just the kind of guy that is actually friendly and approachable on a regular basis.
I'm tired of looking around rooms, wondering what I gotta do or who I'm supposed to do be
"And the crowd goes wild as Lysacek goes for the Snitch! And Gryffindor wins!"

That's probably my favorite thing, right there. Having the victory at my reach and everyone cheering me on, treating me like a hero. But that's to be expected of a Lysacek, at least that's what my parents tell me. My parents were big on Quidditch in their Hogwarts years.

My mother was a Hufflepuff Beater for a couple of years while my father was the Ravenclaw Keeper for those same couple of years. They met on the Quidditch pitch and it started off as this love/hate rivalry type thing. Teenage Ryan, in all of his male macho idiocism, tells the lovely young Evelyn that girls shouldn't be Beaters because they aren't strong enough. Well, she quickly showed him! They didn't even like each other for the longest time. So they felt sparks in their seventh year, and after they left Hogwarts, they moved into a flat together and began cohabitating. My father worked at the Daily Prophet as a Quidditch correspondant while my mother played as a Beater for the Holyhead Harpies for a few years. And the rest was history. But I guess I'll never understand romance, and how a rivalry like theirs turned into love. And part of me thinks I don't think wanna know.

When I was born, my mom became a stay at home mom and took care of me. As a kid, my parents expected me to take to Quidditch like a dragon took to fire. And while my mother told me I was a bit clumsy on a broom as a young child, she kept nurturing the natural talent she knew was in me. She spent her retirement bonus putting me into Quidditch summer camps and getting me personal flight training on a broomstick when I was old enough to do so. It was funny, when I was eight and I went to my first summer camp, the counselors rigged a snitch to hide in a tree and I was the only one who found it just sitting there. And so my desire to be the best Seeker I could be started there.
The Story So Far
I don't wanna be anything other than me
Stephen knew that something was going on as a sixth year when his parents pulled him out of school and sent him to Canada to go live with some Quidditch playing relative who played for the Stormers in Stonewall, Manitoba. He was relatively detached from the Battle at Hogwarts, although he had been getting owls from friends, updating him of the situation. Once he got home, he went straight to Quidditch Camp to be a counselor and did not contact his friends. School will be his first opportunity to catch up with everyone.

After Stephen had finished his stint at Hogwarts, he'd gone off to Moose Jaw to try out for the Meteorites, leaving his best friend and former girlfriend as well as his former life behind. Though he had been struggling through his training, he'd gone to the training camp and earned his place as a reserve. Determined to live up to the hype created by his mother, the former Gryffindor Seeker's looking for some time on the pitch to prove himself.

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Lyrics: Gavin DeGraw, "I Don't Wanna Be"
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Alternate!Octavus PSL - Ernie/Hannah  
12:24am 14/08/2010
Background of the PSL
Rachael ([info]eclectic) and I were talking about our love for the TV show Everwood and how adorable Ephram and Amy were, then I mentioned how I wanted an Ernie in the Octavus main game using Gregory Smith as an AI/PB. She wanted to be Ernie for me but she could only have one canon in the main game so we decided to turn the main game on its head by doing a 'what if?' PSL following the events of the main game as if Ernie had been there the whole time. The catch? In the main gamge, Hannah's in love with the Head Boy, Richard Orpik. Let's just call it the Alternate!Octavus plot. If anyone wants to join in on this and you're from the main game, let me know! :]

Plot Points/Scenes/Ideas
- Hannah and Ernie reunite on the train for the first time in a long time
- Ernie confronts Hannah about her attitude after the fight with Brad
- Ernie does something for Hannah's birthday away from the group
- Hannah and Ernie do rounds at some point to talk about the Ball
- Instead of going with Vincent, Hannah goes to the Ball with Ernie

Rachael, love, if you want to add something [because I know you've been following Richard and Hannah!], feel free to let me know! I imagine Ernie getting mad at Hannah for being so distant and maybe he would get jealous? I'm not sure how you play Ernie but I thought it would be full of drama. If you don't think it would work, let me know.

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Hannah Abbott [Octavus]  
10:29pm 13/08/2010
Hannah Abbott
I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell
Full Name: Hannah Elizabeth Abbott
Birthday: September 8th, 1979
Year & House: Year 8, Hufflepuff
But stay a while and maybe then you’ll see a different side of me
Hannah has been naive in the past, willing to take people at their word until they are proven wrong. It's an endearing quality but she is more apt to believe what's told than most people around her. She has issues performing under pressure and she is the kind of person that is easily flustered. But she is willing to be loyal to her friends, and is fiercely supportive of those she cares about. She's a hard worker, and she keeps trying until she succeeds. She is quiet, but not necessarily shy. She is a bit more of a introvert than the people around her and her favorite way to decompress is to read a book or play Wizard's Chess with a friend. It's not that she hates being in a crowd, but she needs space from the crowd to recharge her batteries. She is always willing to extend a helping hand, however she has needed to learn to say no. She's the one who gets things done though and she's more than happy to take care of execution while other people dream up plans. Her confidence has been low in the past but it has continually grown since she had gotten involved in Dumbledore's Army.

However, her involvement in the War and the Battle of Hogwarts has had some adverse effects on her personality. The sight she'd blocked out of her memory has haunted her in her dreams, causing her to be moody and sullen, relying on Calming Draught to get some sleep. She has also convinced herself that she needs to put on a brave face for her closest friends after the Battle, with all the deaths of friends and family. She has a constant need to prove she's doing well, even though she's clearly not.
Soon enough, you’re gonna think of me, and how I used to be
My wise mother once said that in order to know where you're going, you have to know where you came from. So I guess it's a good idea to give you a little bit of a background on where I came from. My mother, Miranda Sandstorm, a Muggleborn witch, and my father, Thomas Abbott, a Muggle, met in London, where they went to primary school together. My Mum knew nothing about her magical abilities until she received her letter. When she went off to Hogwarts, she kept in touch with Dad by writing letters. Grammy Sandstorm would owl Dad's letters to Mum and she'd owl her letters so that Grammy could send them to Dad. It was rather sweet. It wasn't until Mum finished at Hogwarts that she finally told Dad about the truth and they began a courtship that lasted a couple of years until they got married and had me, their lovely little Hannybear.

And the rest of the world knows me by my name. Hannah Abbott. Yeah, my name doesn't ring a bell, does it? Well, if you remember, I was the first one to wear that Sorting Hat in first year. I was sorted into Hufflepuff and I haven't looked back since. People would call me a 'background girl' since I don't really tend to draw too much attention to myself, which is fine. I tend to follow a crowd rather than lead it anyway. If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me with my friends. I'm really good friends with a lot of my housemates, including Justin Finch-Fletchley, Ernie McMillan, Susan Bones...They're the best friends a girl could ever have. We really stuck by each other, especially when a lot of Muggleborn students were being attacked our second year. That was a tough time for me, since Justin was was attacked. I thought Harry Potter was responsible for the attacks because he spoke Parselmouth. I was also the one who came up with the flowering shrub theory. You know, Sirius Black had to have avoided dectection somehow, him being an Animagus! Then our fourth year, I was really excited when Cedric Diggory was chosen as the Hogwarts Champion for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. A couple of notable events happened in my fifth year. I really expanded my circle of friends when I joined Dumbledore's Army. Harry and Hermione especially helped me in improving my Defense Against the Dark Arts skills and I loved having a larger social circle. I defended Harry against Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, and I would do it again, for him or for anyone else in that group. I also became a prefect with Ernie that year, but after the whole incident with him talking me into believing Harry was the Heir of Slytherin, we kind of just grew apart.

After my sixth year, when my mother died, things started to get bad. I missed out on an entire year of schooling. Then when I finally got back to Hogwarts, Muggleborns were being gathered up and awful things were happening to them. Classes were changing, we were learning Dark Arts and hearing all this hate-mongering in Muggle Studies. It was terrible! You-Know-Who had taken over the Ministry and it was bad news all around. I went back to the Dubledore's Army group while Harry, Ron and Hermione were gone. I got prepared; we all had to be at the top of our game for what we all knew was coming. I never thought I would have an active part in a war, but it was my chance to take a stand. I had to stand by my friends. The day permanently engrained itself in my memory. Defending the secret passages all over Hogwarts, for the first time, I felt brave. I faced death and it was scary but it was something I had to do out of necessity. Luckily for me, Harry had been there to help me out, otherwise, I never would have made it.
Over the Summer
I’ve talking in my sleep, pretty soon they’ll come to get me
For the first time in her life, Hannah distanced herself from her friends in Dumbledore's Army and her own close friends in Hufflepuff. The darkness of the war had taken its toll on her. Having witnessed death in various forms, including killing Death Eaters in defense of her school as well as her own brush with death, she's retreated into herself even more than usual. She spent her entire summer burried in books, studying, catch up the year she missed when her mother died. Her father had attempted to cheer her up with a vacation, but Hannah brushed it off, insisting that she needed to be prepared for school. The limited amount of time she did allow herself to relax, she had gone out to see some live Quidditch with her father.

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Lyrics: Matchbox 20, "Unwell"
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