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User:melrose (17765)
Name:Melrose Ave.
Interests:136: 30 seconds to mars, aaliyah, adriana lima, albert fields, alessandra ambrosio, alice in wonderland, american eagle, amy winehouse, ana beatriz barros, anaïs nin, angelina jolie, antm, art, audrey hepburn, ballet, barnes & noble, beaches, beauty and the beast, being in love, blogging, breakfast at tiffany's, britney spears, britney spears blackout album, brunette lindsay lohan, bscott, buffy, cameras, candy, cell phones, chasen hampton, chinese takeout, chris brown, christina aguilera, claire/peter, claudia zacchara, clubbing, clubjenna, concerts, creativity, damon pampolina, dark angel, dark hair, diaries, diet pepsi max, edward/bella, erotica, fraggle rock, french guys, full moons, gaspard ulliel, gossip girl, guys with long hair, halloween, heath ledger, heroes, hex, high fashion, incubus, james dean, jared padalecki, jazz, jeff buckley, jenna jameson, jesse capelli, johnny depp, jonathan brandis, journalism, journals, justin timberlake, kirsten price, krystal steal, le dernier jour, lindsay lohan, lingerie, los angeles, lovebscott.com, madonna, magazines, make up, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, mascara, masquerade balls, megan fox, miranda kerr, moleskines, movies, music, my bare lady, m•a•c cosmetics, ndecent proposal, new york city, nicole richie, nightlife, no doubt, n•y•c cosmetics, one tree hill, original sin, parties, phantom of the opera, pharell williams, poetry, portishead, prison break, rainbow brite, red high heels, red leather journals, redbull, rockstar, romeo and juliet, sandee westgate, sandee westgate's movie reviews, sarah jessica parker, sex and the city, shakira, shopping, sketchbooks, spring, starbucks, suicide girls, summer, sun, taking pictures, texting, the hills, the muppets, the party, tony lucca, trashy.com, tupac, twilight, victoria's secret, victorias secret, wentworth miller, writing, youtube
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, melrose, news, system
Communities23:100x100, addme, backgrounds, bluesky, conquered, dear_you, desirables, donut, easy, fashionesque, hotfashion, iconic, inkpen, literature, nerds, photos, post_secret, regal, spearssource, sq, thrashground, twilightsaga, upload
Account type:Early Free User

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