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User:atonement (1269)
clair de lune

Interests:63: agyness deyn, airports, amy winehouse, art, art history, being addicted to facebook, bellatrix black-lestrange, betty/henry, birds, blackcest, boston, caroline trentini, cinema, cold, damien rice, dancing like a fool, dwight/angela, flight of the conchords, food, french, gaspard ulliel, ginny/neville (shh!), glasses, grey's anatomy, gwen stefani-rossdale, hate, james mcavoy, jessica stam, jrm, kathy griffin, keira knightley, love, m.i.a., marc by marc jacobs, marilyn monroe, music, narcissa black-malfoy, nicole camille richie-madden, nip/tuck, pansy parkinson-nott?zabini?goyle???, paris, paris je t'aime, peppermint hot chocolate, perezhilton.com, philadelphia, polaroids, pride and prejudice, project runway, pureblood elite, rose/scorpius, sailors, salvador dali, shopping, sienna miller, sirius/narcissa (even bigger shh!), slytherin, stars (the band), the beach, the beatles, the black sisters, the office, the spice girls, ugly betty
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, ludivine, news, serpent
Communities2:desirables, upload
Friend of:1: serpent
Member of:2: desirables, upload
Account type:Early Adopter

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