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User:wanderlust (10776)



98% of teenagers does or has tried pot.
If you are one of the 2% that hasn't,
copy and paste this in your profile

Interests:21: , americas next top model, being supremly annoying, candy, colorguard, dancing, drawing, drinking, gossip girl, learning interesting things, music, parties, performing, playing video games, pushing peoples buttons, reading, rifle, sabre, singing, winterguard, writting
People9:caylenecasualty, dandi, hardxcore, jimmy, just__dance, manderr, news, songbird, sparks
Communities7:conquered, desirables, donut, inkpen, sextalk, sinful, thrashground
Mutual Friends:4: dandi, just__dance, manderr, sparks
Member of:8: conquered, desirables, donut, harsh, inkpen, sextalk, sinful, thrashground
Account type:Early Adopter

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