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Community Information

Below is information about the "Sinful Looks" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:sinful (16364)
Name:Sinful Looks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I bet you're wondering what makes us different, well its an actual fun community- not only do we have duels and superlatives but we have endless amounts of unique activities to get to know each other and cure that sunday afternoon boredom.

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Welcome to Sinful, a rating community. This is a place to make friends and get to know each other.
We judge based on looks, and personality. We aren't the same as every rating community, we have a different rating system, tons fun activities, and more. Every month we have a new Miss Sinful who will be like a VIP. Find out more here.

Ever wanted to answer a question like, Aliens abduct you and force you to choose a body alteration. which do you prefer?
a. to eat and never feel full
b. to orgasm but not feel it
, well now you can without a reason :-P.
Fun ways to get points and stay active!

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1.) Put new in the subject line.
2.) Please include 5-10 pictures when applying.
3.) Go here for the application.
4.) Please make your post friends only!
5.) No proof is required until asked.
6.) Please apply right after you've joined.

Miss Sinful of April:

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1.) We vote using the word 'sinful' s=1, si=2, sinful=6, and so on. the highest score a person can get is a 6.0. You must get higher than a 3.0 to get in.
2.) We will have monthly themes you can choose to participate in.
3.) Do the activities!
4.) Please stay active.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We have one application for you to post. Our members will vote you in or out after you post and fill out this application:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Profile Codes >> Mod1 >> Mod2 >> Mod3 >> Activities >> Members page

Maintainers:2: baser, sinfulmod
Members:66: 61_keys_to_play, 872007, annalalax, aprilx0x, basements, baser, bella_virg0, cec, chai, chowmein, cranium, diaf, disneyworld, drug, dutchess, estella, exploited, fiasco, followmyruin, forgive, gutterslut, heartarcade, hotdigidydog, incense, jaxie, joyrides, kissys, limeade, maniac, midnight, model, monoxide, ocean, octopus, oopsies, pandolfo, partyphotos, perfidious, pirouette, playdate, pocketsoul, popbottles, pualani, pure, radar, rambo, serotonin, sexuality, shoreline, sincere, sinfulmod, skye, smoke, smoothie, songbird, strait, teqquilasunrise, tinyteeth, titjobs, tryst, twig, tyciol, wanderlust, weak, yelchin
Watched by:35: 61_keys_to_play, 872007, annalalax, aprilx0x, basements, baser, bella_virg0, chai, drug, dutchess, estella, exploited, forgive, hotdigidydog, joyrides, kissys, limeade, midnight, mmmbeards, model, monoxide, pandolfo, playdate, popbottles, pualani, radar, sexuality, shoreline, sinfulmod, smoothie, songbird, teqquilasunrise, titjobs, twig, wanderlust
Account type:Early Free User

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