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User:shoreline (12662)
life happens one dream at a time.
Location:California, United States


i'm an array of sorts.. sometimes too complex for my mind to even comprehend.

i'm definitely not perfect and have just as many flaws as you. but that's what makes you and i so beautiful.

gentle people make my heart warm. there aren't enough outwardly gentle people in this world.

if you ever asked me for a hug, i'd be more than happy to oblige.. ♥

i get so lost in my daydreams it can take me days to return my eyes back to the sights of the present. no, i'm not on drugs. just high on life. :)

i love to read, to write, to learn. i think everyone should expand their horizons and stimulate their brains to their maximum potential.

i take over 100 photographs a day. it's a passion i hope to pursue career-wise one day.

i'm a mommy and a wife, two of the most rewarding jobs anyone could ever have and i'm blessed to have them as a title. my little family is full of more love than i thought i could ever experience in a lifetime. my son, tristan, is a year old and the most amazing kid ever. my husband, matt, is just as amazing. they're the cheese to my macaroni :)

You are the light of the world-- Like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. Matthew 5:14-16

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Interests:39: 50's music, acting, ambience, babies, bubble baths, country skies, daydreaming, decorating, disneyland, dresses, family, god, healthy living, hiking, jesus christ, laughing, libraries, love, lovers, marriage, massage therapy, mocha coffee, music, nature, old movies, painting, people watching, photography, photoshop, pilates, pretty flowers, reading, recycling, star gazing, the environment, traveling, ugly trees, waves, writing
People17:dandi, doe, drug, enchanted_love, goldensnitch, inspire, lawyer, model, pocahontas, popbottles, pristinechanges, radar, rambo, serotonin, sexuality, snapple, sparks
Communities7:addme, babywearer, bluesky, myspacers, sinful, superlative, usernames
Friend of:16: dandi, drug, dumbledore, enchanted_love, goldensnitch, inspire, lawyer, pocahontas, popbottles, pristinechanges, radar, serotonin, sexuality, snapple, sparks, tennessee
Member of:9: addme, babywearer, bluesky, flamecup, honorcup, myspacers, sinful, superlative, usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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