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User:solpadeine (10669)
There's a justice in this world
and I know just what she's called
Name:Forces' Sweetheart
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Website:Icons By Tag


Outpost at InsaneJournal
[info]prettyvacant - cdj.

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Interests:82: amos oz, beauty on, bill callahan, bitchery, blanc pas noir, bob dylan's yarmulke, bpal, brontes in togas, canadian shield rock, catholicism, chaim potok, classics, cod noir, codco, dead artists, dead authors, dead musicians, doctor who, drunk in maxville, et in arcadia ego, farmer in the city, firefly, flannery o'connor, foreign painkillers, fyodor dostoevsky, glittercocks, group of seven, hagiography, history of medicine, house, icons, intersteer, james joyce, joel plaskett, john donne, john lennon, johnny rotten, juvenal, kids in the hall, kingston, latin, lean and athirst, leonard cohen, ludwig wittgenstein, manhandling ftw, margaret atwood, martial, martin tielli, mary margaret o'hara, morrissey, ottawa, patti smith, pj harvey, profanity in dead languages, punk is/n't dead, red stripe, retrograde amnesia, rex murphy, rheostatics, rick mercer, robertson davies, robyn hitchcock, rome, sacres, sappho, seraphic joy, sex pistols, sid vicious, slacking is retro, smog, sparkly mormon vampires, the grad club, the motherhouse, the ramones, the smiths, the soft boys, thrush hermit, tom thomson, ust, virginia woolf, wine, wolfe island musicfest
Schools:None listed
People21:arcadiamods, calliopes_pen, cristina_lacosa, currerbell, im_sirius, immlass, julie_chan, kickawesome, lemonadeandgin, ludivine, news, paperwhites, prettyvacant, puffed, queenofbithynia, solpadeine, system, theblev, themissus, twatty, whishaw
Communities8:arcadia, bigdamnheroes, conquered, gothick, hotdamn_icons, nerds, oldarcadia, pb_updates
Friend of:13: arcadiamods, calliopes_pen, currerbell, im_sirius, immlass, julie_chan, kickawesome, lemonadeandgin, paperwhites, prettyvacant, solpadeine, theblev, themissus
Member of:6: bigdamnheroes, conquered, gothick, hotdamn_icons, nerds, pb_updates
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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