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Community Information

Below is information about the "PB Updates" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pb_updates (14410)
Name:PB Updates
Theme:a pb icon update community

PB Updates
a pb icon update community

A community in continuation of tara_fleur's Wonderful character suggestion Megalist and the original community at greatestjournal. This is a clone of that site.


This community isn't for requests or for claiming ownership of your icons. It's simply for ease of advertising new pb icons posted to the greatest number of people - also for pb searches.


- Join the community; membership is open and anyone can post.
- Post your update with this form with one example and the link to your community/journal:

Please tag, so we can keep track and to make it easier for searching. You may use more than one tag, as well. If the tag you want to use has not been created, go ahead and create it! If you don't know how, that's okay, it will be added for you. Just make sure to have the details right in the post.

An excellent sample of how to post can be found here.

- No whole icon posts, that's why you have a link. Only one example please.
- Do not update with all the links to past icon posts. That's why it's called pb updates.
- No requests allowed. These posts will be deleted without question. Check out find_icons (at insanejournal) for icon requests.

- Search The Tags by specific category or character.

Categories are very simple. Eyecolor is distinguished by basic categories of 'brown', 'blue', 'green' and 'hazel'. If eyes are grey or light, they may be tagged as 'blue' or 'hazel'. Character tags are based on the recommendations of the icon maker and comments on icon sets and recommendations of members.

- Search The Memories by name.

Please visit our FAQ. If they don't answer your question, please comment to that post.

- Affiliates
- Contact

rules/ideas credit to tara_fleur and bad_username
Maintainers:1: im_sirius
Members:18: a_happenstance, abeautifulmind, bad_username, calliopes_pen, cristina_lacosa, gwenog, im_sirius, juegoconfuego, kickawesome, loveaddict, milkyway, piratejenny, rum, shrimpramen, solpadeine, tweaked, vampnica
Watched by:18: a_happenstance, abeautifulmind, bad_username, calliopes_pen, gwenog, im_sirius, immlass, juegoconfuego, kickawesome, loveaddict, milkyway, piratejenny, shadowcatphase, shrimpramen, solpadeine, tryslora, tweaked, vampnica
Account type:Early Free User

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