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User:_empire (14060)
Conquer & Devour
Location:Transylvania, United States

Thank ya, god bless ya, goodnight, I came.

[info]iam The Joker (DC Comics) of Scribbld

Memories3 entries
Interests:101: alice in wonderland, amy poehler, art, banksy, bape, batman, batman begins, billionaire boys club, books, bright colors, chanel, charles bukowski, chobits, christian bale, christian dior, christian siriano, claudio sanchez, coheed and cambria, daft punk, darth vader, dionysus, disney, dream interpretation, egoism, ethereality, faeries, fafi, fall out boy, fashion, feminism, graffiti, graphic design, guns, gym class heroes, heath ledger, heatherette, hello kitty, his dark materials, hunter s. thompson, ice creams, iconoclasm, intimacy, japan, javier bardem, jay z, jenny holzer, jessica stam, john galliano, kanye west, katie jane garside, katy perry, kimora lee simmons, kings of leon, laughing, lily cole, lindsay lohan, lupe fiasco, making out, marilyn manson, mia, music, nas, nerd, new kicks, nikes, no country, pharrell williams, playstation portable, poetry, power, psychology, queen adreena, revolution, rob & big, robert downey jr, robots, sailor moon, santino rice, santogold, snow white, stand-up comedy, sunglasses, sylvia plath, tarot cards, tattoos, the cheshire cat, the dark knight, the joker, ti, tilda swinton, tina fey, tori amos, travis mccoy, vandalism, villains, violence, weapons, web design, world domination, writing, you
Schools:Kean University - Union, NJ
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities6:conquered, fullsizeme, machete, myspacers, photobuckets, thrashground
Member of:17: 100x100, backgrounds, bitchbook, conquered, dear_you, donut, fullsizeme, iam, inkpen, machete, myspacers, nerds, photobuckets, post_secret, tattoos, thrashground, upload
Account type:Early Free User

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