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User:blueisland (22532)
Just Thoughts
I'm 19 and still trying to figure myself out.
I don't know what defines who I am, but here's five facts about me:

1. I'm loyal to a fault.
2. I never leave my house without my camera
3. I do in fact enjoy drinking pickle juice
4. I hate wearing my glasses
5. My friends mean everything to me

Interests:11: frisbee, jumping, lacrosse, movies, my camera, pickle juice, snowboarding, soccer, sprinting, sunsets, talking
Schools:None listed
People13:desiired, endlessnameless, etudes, hametsu, jimmy, joylaff, keyblade, manderr, memorably, news, system, uhoh, walk
Communities2:addme, promote
Account type:Early Free User

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