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User:slutorama (24918)
Michelle Journal
Website:Myspace((click on the link))


Name: Michelle
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Grade: Graduate of High School
Martial status: Taken and i love my Adam<3333
From: Long Island, New York & sometimes I wish I lived in Los Angeles,California
Hobbies: Shopping,spending time with my friends,talking on the house phone or cell phone,and watching TV, and oh ya going on the computer.
High School that you go to: Calhoun High School in North Merrick but now a graduate
Biography: Well I was born on May 15 1988 here on Long Island, New York and that I was raised in Merrick, New York. I have a lot of friends in my high school and that sometimes when people get me angry you don't want to know the bad and pissed off side of me.well that's all I am going to say.


DONUT graphics

John Cena 01-28-06 at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa in New York on Long Island is the day I will never ever forget
John Cena 04-14-06 at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa in New York on Long Island is another 2nd time I wouldn't ever forget because he called me hun and we talked again


i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net
Interests:83: amy dumas, britney spears, brooke hogan, buffy summers, christina aguilera, claims, david cook, draco malfoy, eliza dushku, evanescence, harry potter, holly madison, jac vanek, james marsters, joe jonas, justin timberlake, kat von d, kendra, kendra wilkinson, kennedy, matt hardy, mean girls, mood themes, motley crue, orlando bloom, owls, oz, pansy parkinson, playboy, pop, posh spice, potions, power, professor snape, purebloods, purity, quidditch, rachel mcadams, randy orton, raw, role playing, romance, romeo and juliet, rpg, rupert giles, salazar slytherin, salem, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, scary movies, seth green, sex pistols, ships, shopping, sid vicious, slayer, slayers, slaying, slytherin, smackdown, smoking, spike, spuffy, stakes, sunnydale, superiority, tara, taylor swift, the craft, the dark arts, the girls next door, the notebook, the ramones, the rock, the sex pistols, the spice girls, tom felton, tommy lee, triple h, unforgivable curses, vampires, van helsing, wwe
Communities5:donut, iam, iamthe, ismylove, thefangirlof
Mutual Friends:1: slutorama
Member of:5: donut, iam, iamthe, ismylove, thefangirlof
Account type:Early Free User

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