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User:integra (13123)
The killer in me is the killer in you
My love
Name:Integra Hellsing
Website:You don't have to go far
Location:United Kingdom

 You crawl back in
But your luck runs out

[Mission Statement]

The light that is not light is here
To flush you out with your own fear
You hide, you hide, but will be found
Release your grip without a sound

[Cross Reference]

Images used with permission of the lovely Yukari Toshimichi of Solid & Etc

Other fanartists for any of our icons include:

- Hell Baby

- Anthology

- Labor

Some icons by [info]beloved

>> See also

Maintainer of [info]hellsing

Faithful master of


Currently trying not to mercilessly throttle


profile graphics & layout by herinia @ crysella

The state of things

Welcome to my every day

Title: Wicked Ways
Subject: Integra
Inspiration: I wanted a red and black layout to match [info]alucard and [info]walter, so I took this and edited the colors :)
+ Art by Solid & Etc.
+ Base layout by Snubbly.

+ Private RP journal
+ Italicized posts or replies are assumed to be in a different language. Such posts will be noted as:
[G] for German, [R] for Romanian, [F] for French, [L] for Latin or [I] for Italian.

Disclaimer: I'm not the real Integra (obviously, as she's fictitious), and I do not own Hellsing. Kouta Hirano does :)

Memories1 entry
Interests:58: alchemy, ancestry, aurum, ave maria, beethoven, carol of the bells, cathedrals, churches, cigar cutters, cigarellos, cigars, classical music, cleaning silver, coffee, cookies, cuddling, dark moor, dietrich, england, garbage (the band), god, green, hellsing, her majesty, ice cream, immortality, iscariot, italian food, languages, london, love, metallica, music, my butler, my glasses not smudging, ok go, old music, opera, paul schwartz, rain, rest, salt & vinegar crisps/chips, sleep, smoking, snow, strategy, swiffer, swiffer dusters, tea, truffle-seeking catholic prettyboys, valium, vampires, vivaldi, walter, warmth, weaponry, work, yumiko
Schools:None listed
People14:alucard, anyabi, entite, failpriest, herr_doktor, herr_major, kuroshitsuji, pip, schrodinger, seelenlose, the_kevinator, vlad, walter, yumiko
Communities6:castlevania, hellsing, ismylove, marriedto, regretthatpony, scribbldsuggest
Friend of:14: alucard, anyabi, entite, failpriest, herr_doktor, herr_major, kuroshitsuji, pip, schrodinger, seelenlose, the_kevinator, vlad, walter, yumiko
Member of:6: castlevania, hellsing, ismylove, marriedto, regretthatpony, scribbldsuggest
Account type:Early Adopter

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