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User:skwigelf (12684)
† embracing memories of dreams long gone †
Name:» scream me a dream
Location:Virginia, United States

Yui. 21, Leo and female. Working full time and going to school part time. Introverted hermit. Gay and doesn't give a damn what you think about it. Happily heathen and also doesn't give a damn what you think about it. Loves music, shows, reading and writing - in the process of working on her first novel. Newly addicted to World of Warcraft. Obsessed with HIM, Supernatural and J2. Generally an easy person to get along with and laid back; unfortunately, still isn't very good at "forgive and forget," but believes in second chances.

More likely to be spotted on LiveJournal than here anymore.

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[info]iam the Ville Valo of Scribbld
[info]iam the Yuki Eiri of Scribbld
[info]iam the Lestat de Lioncourt of Scribbld
Memories42 entries
Interests:141: abnormal psychology, adobe photoshop 7, afi, alternative rock, anna nalick, apocalyptica, autumn, body modification, book stores, books, caffeine, candles, chocolate, coffee, coffee shops, d.n. angel, dane cook, depeche mode, disturbed, dragons, drawing, edgar allan poe, equal rights, evanescence, evans blue, eyeliner, fanart, fatal frame, fatal frame ii, fatal frame iii, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, flyleaf, foreign languages, full moons, gaming, ghosts, girls, goddesses, gods, goth rock, grammar, graphic novels, graphics, gravitation, h.i.m., hinder, his infernal majesty, history, homosexuality, horror movies, house m.d., icons, incense, industrial rock, jewelry, kingdom hearts, knives, kuroshitsuji, lesbianism, linde, literature, love metal, loveless, lovex, magic, manga, memento, music, mythology, necklaces, negative, neurotically yours, night, nine inch nails, notebooks, oomph!, paganism, paramore, pentacles, perfect blue, placebo, playstaion 2, pocky, poetry, pride, pro-choice, psychology, rain, rainbows, ramen, reading, religion, rings, rob zombie, rock music, sabbats, sarcasm, savage garden, sexuality, shadow hearts, short stories, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, sleeping, spellcraft, spirits, spirituality, spongebob, starbucks, staying up/sleeping in, stephen colbert, stephen king, suicide girls, supernatural, swords, sylvia plath, t.a.t.u., tattoos, tea, tenchi muyo, the colbert report, the lion king, the rasmus, type o negative, vampire lore, vampires, video games, ville valo, witches, within temptation, world history, world of warcraft, writing, yaoi, yuri, ♀♀, ♂♂, ,
Schools:None listed
People13:drella, flowersofevil, hanabi, lunareuphoria, mahasen, mahou, mei, poisonheart, toki__wartooth, utena, whistlerr, windsor, zombeh
Communities11:deephighlights, hushawards, iam, lovesaidwinter, oral_anarchy, paratiisi, perfectrust, quote_me_on_it, scribbld_top5, trackswap, vicodingraphics
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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