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02:39pm 12/06/2012
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
I'm so glad this place is still around! :3 I'm usually over at LJ.com but I might stop by here from time to time. I've been having very trying times with family. It has been endless drama.

I'm surprised I'm still sane.

I hope everyone is well.
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Shameless promotion  
03:31pm 01/05/2009
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
I find it completely impossible to transfer the insane amount of entries from my LJ on to here... It makes me sad though.

Well, whoever hasn't added me ( that wants to naturally ) then I'm _superherogirl_ @ LJ. Also, for those inclined, I have officially opened up my Tarot community. Empress Readings. ( The website is up next. empressarcana.net ) Join if you're interested, I'm offering many freebies for the first batch of people that join. :)

Later everyone.♥
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11:34am 30/08/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
I'm horrible. I haven't updated in ages, and I have so much to tell. Well, I guess for another time. I'm taking care of some kiddies now.

I finally got around to fixing up my userinfo, yay me. :D [/shortest update in Lucy Fag Hag history.]
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If I could only hold you now, make the pain just go away  
08:16pm 28/05/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
Can't stop the tears from running down my face...

For approximately three wonderful years... I've had my Narcy. Since last Sunday I've been up and by her side. I haven't slept much, or eaten for that matter. I would only dream and think of her. I will say one thing... I'm glad she's at peace now. She was suffering.

The one vet we got a hold of is in Kendall, and obviously we have no way of getting there. We talked to the doctor, and all he said was to wait it out... Yeah. Right. Now poor Narcy is not with us anymore. But there wasn't much he could do without taking a look at the rabbit in the first place.

I know from the bottom of my heart, my mom and I tried everything we could. And to you, my dearest friends, thank you for all the support and advice. It meant the world to me then, and it means the world to me now.

I let her wander around the backyard just an hour ago. She looked so happy... she was running all around the backyard going up to the rest of the rabbits. My mom thinks that she was saying goodbye to them, in her own way. When I brought her in, she started convulsing. The first thing I thought back to was Fester... how that's what happened before he...

My mom told me to leave. I didn't want to, but then I started crying hysterically. She ordered me to leave the kitchen. I did. I continued to cry in that manner.

But then I realized I was being selfish. God only knows how much the poor little fluff ball was suffering. I wanted to say my goodbye... but I don't think I was gonna be able to take it. I couldn't see her die. I couldn't! I want to start crying again.

To many that don't understand my passion for rabbits, would say I'm being ridiculous. My dad... I knew he wouldn't take me to a vet knowing that my bunny was sick. He never would, he despises rabbits. Till this day he still wants me to get rid of all the ones I have. Fuck you, dad. I love you, but no way am I getting rid of darlings.

I just thanked all things holy that my mom is all right, that everyone is okay. I'm trying to think optimistically to bring me some peace of mind I guess. But for years, I haven't known what peace of mind is...

R.I.P Narcy.... just like Fester you'll always be in my heart. Always.

Poor thing looks frightened, and really wants to tear my digi cam away. :| Damn Narcy even now your bunny glare of doom scares me to no end... >.>; I want to hug you so bad right now.
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Bunny emergency  
01:27pm 25/05/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
I'm having a bunny crisis right now. I wasn't sure if to update about this... but I needed to get this out. Maybe someone could help me.

Yesterday I had to go to a baby shower. Basically, to make a long story short... there was a very bad thunderstorm. I was worried about my rabbits all day. Basically when I got home I saw Narcy, my darling, mother to everyone, having trouble breathing. She had her mouth opened in hopes of being able to inhale oxygen, but I guess she wasn't being granted access.

I know a lot about rabbits as it is, because I've been raising these critters since I was a little girl. The problem right now is, what is wrong? ( mind you, there is a roof outside, so they hardly get wet... but since it was raining so bad, they were bound to get soaked from the side. We never had enough money to get the last piece done, which was one side. It's such a small spot, but if the spot was available... so was the chance of wetting my rabbits.

All of them except Narcy were okay. But she's still having trouble breathing. My mother being a quick thinker she actually gave her one of our aerosols. I know that sounds insane, but it actually worked. She began to breathe at a normal pace again. Although, she's still not okay.

Unfortunately today is Sunday, and all the vets I know are closed. Or they only treat cats and dogs. My chest hurts so much at the thought of something happening to her. I love all my rabbits, but she's my gem. I've had her for... it's going to be three years in June, my birthday.

We gave her some oxygen that my mom has, since they bring them to her every couple of months for her problems breathing as well.

I've read so much online... and I haven't been retrieving much results. The first thing I thought when I saw her was that maybe she had pneumonia. If I don't get her to a vet soon, she could die. So after many articles on rabbits later... I thought maybe it was some sort of trauma. Maybe she's in a state of shock, so if I smother her too much it would be bad too. I've read online the procedures I have to take in order to see if it's any of that. But there's only so much I can do. I need an expert's opinion, and no one seems to be available.

I don't know if she'll be able to continue like this until tomorrow. The worst thing is we have no form of transportation. I have to get "my" car from my dad. Sure, I've scared shitless of driving, but for her I would go driving... even if I haven't driven in ages. Ironically enough, my dad is at a gun show. So there's no way of contacting him today. Besides, he wouldn't help me with a rabbit problem. He hates my rabbits.

My question to all is, what do you think it might be? Do you even know what I'm talking about? Do you know of any site that can help me? Even if I've checked it out, I don't mind I just need any leads I can get. I feel so hopeless I can't do more for my precious Narcy. It hurts me so much to be so... useless.
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This fantasy is not enough for me  
03:15am 25/02/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
[ x-posted from LJ ]

First of all. I'm so sorry for my lack of comment spamming. Dx Today-- or rather yesterday was horrible. I'm very optimistic, even right now, but woo I gotta admit it got real bad a good amount of times yesterday. Basically, first there's that fire that broke out in my dad's kitchen. Today, mine gets flooded. I'm sensing a terrible pattern here. *scared* Dem? Axel? I love you guys but really. :|

Here are some pictures I took after I mopped up a bit. In short, a little girl I'm tutoring that's like a cousin to me wanted to shower. She had stayed over on Saturday. So whatever, I didn't mind and said yes. Now... I dunno what the hell happened but the water leaked downstairs from the ceiling. Badly. Really, I totally think my little town house is falling apart. ;-;

kitchen pictures )

Now for something less blah! :D Cloud received a rather belated Christmas gift the other day... The results...?

Cloud: I loathe you all. >:O!

More hot pink polo shirt wearing Cloud under the cut! )

Last but not least...

This is for you my lovely [info]thiefqueenriyo! I love my pink breast cancer awareness frying pan. <3333 I only use it for making breakfast, because the spices turned my pink spatula orange. D: So... yeah. No more cooking dinner with that. :x


You better believe it. ;) Okay, hopefully after I get the kitchen stuff solved tomorrow, I can properly spam everyone. Love you all! *GLOMPIES*
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If I can be like that... what would I do...  
10:04pm 14/02/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз

From my family to yours... I hope everyone had/is having a good one. :3

THREE pics under cut! Including one of the new bunnies! ) All right guys, I'll post the rest of pictures hopefully tomorrow! Love you all! *huggles*
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02:58pm 13/01/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
( for the exception of pet pic spam posts :) )

Add me at your own risk loves.
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