Bunny emergency  
01:27pm 25/05/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
I'm having a bunny crisis right now. I wasn't sure if to update about this... but I needed to get this out. Maybe someone could help me.

Yesterday I had to go to a baby shower. Basically, to make a long story short... there was a very bad thunderstorm. I was worried about my rabbits all day. Basically when I got home I saw Narcy, my darling, mother to everyone, having trouble breathing. She had her mouth opened in hopes of being able to inhale oxygen, but I guess she wasn't being granted access.

I know a lot about rabbits as it is, because I've been raising these critters since I was a little girl. The problem right now is, what is wrong? ( mind you, there is a roof outside, so they hardly get wet... but since it was raining so bad, they were bound to get soaked from the side. We never had enough money to get the last piece done, which was one side. It's such a small spot, but if the spot was available... so was the chance of wetting my rabbits.

All of them except Narcy were okay. But she's still having trouble breathing. My mother being a quick thinker she actually gave her one of our aerosols. I know that sounds insane, but it actually worked. She began to breathe at a normal pace again. Although, she's still not okay.

Unfortunately today is Sunday, and all the vets I know are closed. Or they only treat cats and dogs. My chest hurts so much at the thought of something happening to her. I love all my rabbits, but she's my gem. I've had her for... it's going to be three years in June, my birthday.

We gave her some oxygen that my mom has, since they bring them to her every couple of months for her problems breathing as well.

I've read so much online... and I haven't been retrieving much results. The first thing I thought when I saw her was that maybe she had pneumonia. If I don't get her to a vet soon, she could die. So after many articles on rabbits later... I thought maybe it was some sort of trauma. Maybe she's in a state of shock, so if I smother her too much it would be bad too. I've read online the procedures I have to take in order to see if it's any of that. But there's only so much I can do. I need an expert's opinion, and no one seems to be available.

I don't know if she'll be able to continue like this until tomorrow. The worst thing is we have no form of transportation. I have to get "my" car from my dad. Sure, I've scared shitless of driving, but for her I would go driving... even if I haven't driven in ages. Ironically enough, my dad is at a gun show. So there's no way of contacting him today. Besides, he wouldn't help me with a rabbit problem. He hates my rabbits.

My question to all is, what do you think it might be? Do you even know what I'm talking about? Do you know of any site that can help me? Even if I've checked it out, I don't mind I just need any leads I can get. I feel so hopeless I can't do more for my precious Narcy. It hurts me so much to be so... useless.
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09:42pm 25/05/2008 (UTC)
Common ailment but fatal, hun. If she has trouble breathing, wont drink, wont eat, wont go to the bathroom....then shes probably got the common respiratory infection that kills most rodents. Thats how both my guinea pigs died. Thats how my hamster died. They get them when they get older muche easier.
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11:23pm 25/05/2008 (UTC)
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз: 024  eva - infate's hands
Thanks for the comment sweetie. I can thankfully say that she has eaten a little and some drank water too. Very little though.

That's horrible... I'm so sorry to read that. ;-; I've read about so many things in the passed couple of hours. I'm like dizzy! She's doing better now, still having some difficulty breathing, but we'll see. I just hope she makes it.

I know I'll be taking her to the vet before work tomorrow. At least I know if anything does happen, I tried everything in my power to help her. It sucks that we can only do so much though. :(

Once again thanks for the info gal.♥
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11:27pm 25/05/2008 (UTC)
I do hope she makes it. And thats good, good sign she's fighting it as much as she can. Keep her under your watch very closely and be aware of any changes in her behavior, especially if she becomes lethargic.

Yeah, they can probably give her medicine to help her. You did what you could as I had with my guinea pigs and hamster.
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01:20am 29/05/2008 (UTC)
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз: 032 hisoka - long since faded
*hugs* Thanks so much for all the advice and support sweetie.

I guess what you mentioned is exactly what happened to one of my other bunnies as well. :(

But yes, I can imagine how much you suffered gal. ;-; To me pets are so much more than that it's scary.

Once again thanks for everything.♥
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