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03:15am 25/02/2008
εϊз Here is me in tragedy εϊз
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First of all. I'm so sorry for my lack of comment spamming. Dx Today-- or rather yesterday was horrible. I'm very optimistic, even right now, but woo I gotta admit it got real bad a good amount of times yesterday. Basically, first there's that fire that broke out in my dad's kitchen. Today, mine gets flooded. I'm sensing a terrible pattern here. *scared* Dem? Axel? I love you guys but really. :|

Here are some pictures I took after I mopped up a bit. In short, a little girl I'm tutoring that's like a cousin to me wanted to shower. She had stayed over on Saturday. So whatever, I didn't mind and said yes. Now... I dunno what the hell happened but the water leaked downstairs from the ceiling. Badly. Really, I totally think my little town house is falling apart. ;-;

This is where it all happened. One of the pipes are broken, although in the pic you can't see it. :( Our plumbing hasn't been completely fixed for years, for more reasons than one. Rather, whenever my mom and I talk to dad about some OBVIOUS repairs that need to be made in the house... he changes the subject. What irkes me is that he waits until something like what happened today, happens. That man got electrocuted just a couple of months back because he was convinced there was nothing wrong with the electrical plug of the stove. The electrical shock sent him tumbling backwards towards the backyard door. Although it was mostly the shock oh those puns :| that sent him backwards. Otherwise, he wouldn't be here today fighting off forest kitchen fires.

And there is the lone bucket we have to collect whatever water drips down from now until we get this problem fixed. :x When Leslie was showering, omigosh, it was like a waterfall. Not pretty. I was so scared me or my mom was going to get electrocuted. I was cooking when it happened, and the water was showering down where the microwave plug was. Ugh. Headachee... So yeah you can obviously see we moved most of the stuff we had there. We used like a bazillion towels to clean up most of the mess. Yeah, our mop was definitely not enough.

*moves everything to the other side of the kitchen* Everything that was inside the cabinets is now ruined. D: Thankfully the bottled spices are okay, since they were in bottles. But everything cooking wise that were in bags or something... yeah.... But the most important thing is that everyone is okay! :D I'll continue to clean up tomorrow. I'm so sleepy, especially since I drank my anti-depressants.

Now for something less blah! :D Cloud received a rather belated Christmas gift the other day... The results...?

Cloud: I loathe you all. >:O!

My mom is just a tad bit worried Cloud might take his revenge out on her... ;D

She has all the reason to worry... His glare is quite intimidating. :| All my animals have the scariest glares! :o!

I ♥ j00 very mooch regardless my poopie puppy darling. ;**

Let's disregard one VERY crappy looking me, and Cloud's demonic looking eyes. :D

Last but not least...

This is for you my lovely [info]thiefqueenriyo! I love my pink breast cancer awareness frying pan. <3333 I only use it for making breakfast, because the spices turned my pink spatula orange. D: So... yeah. No more cooking dinner with that. :x


You better believe it. ;) Okay, hopefully after I get the kitchen stuff solved tomorrow, I can properly spam everyone. Love you all! *GLOMPIES*
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