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User:starscream (23344)
( ゚∀゚) アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
trippin' balls
Website:vivid ambrosia
[info]iam Beyond Birthday
Mythos ✭ Yig

long live the king


Ogenki desu kar, I am Breanna, but you may call me Bre-chan or Storscrom, depending if you are either a weeaboo or a Tranny. I am a 23 year old girl who likes a variety of things, that which is mostly writing, Japanese shit (anime, manga, culture, etc), hot manporn and hot Transformers mechporn (I've recently become a bit of a robotsexual ffffuck.) I think I am a pretty friendly girl, but it all depends on the person, I suppose; so if you wanna be friends, that'd be super special awesome. I use this journal to post crack or random thoughts, nothing more; all my personal shit is located in an flocked LJ. Also, I get really bored sometimes and make really shitty MS Paint icons @ xenomorph. Check it out if you're lookin' for simple icons for your journal or to laugh at.


temptationwaits @ ij
MadArchdemonNeko @ dA
AcidAme @ y!g
v2point0 @ ff.net
mmmeyeballs @ myanimelist
eyeballady @ youtube
eyeball_queen @ crunchyroll
amenome @ myspace
eyeeyecapn @ dragcave

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

trip like I do

Laid out on my back, I can't sleep 'cause I'm falling // Eyes in my teeth, I can't see 'cause I'm eating // Head full of noise, I can't think 'cause it's crushing // Back on my feet, like a freight train I'm coming


Profile Codes >> fanlistings >> blog crews >> lovebars & crap


☆ Layout codes thanks to babyelefant @ livejournal with bg from allfreebackgrounds.com. Header graphic comes from the doujinshi Otobiyori by Robot House. Transformers copyright Hasbro, etc.
Interests:132: 4chan, 80s music, aiber/l, alanis morissette, alternative music, anime, araiso, asian horror, b/l, bat rays, batman/joker, bats, bdsm, beast wars, best week ever, beyond birthday, cats, checkmyfanlistings, cheshire cat, close the last door, code geass, crow t. robot, cryptozoology, d/s, dance music, death note, destination truth, dexter, dinobot, doumeki/watanuki, drawing, drawn together, eve 6, eyeballs, eyes, formula 17, garbage, gintama, gorgeous carat, grim reaper, guro, hector barbossa, higurashi, horror manga, horror movies, house m.d., house/wilson, inferno/red alert, ironhide/ratchet, it, jack/ianto, japanese emoticons, japanese mythology, jim gaffigan, joel hodgson, joker, ju-on, junk food, juné, kamui, kaori yuki, kazuya minekura, kisaragi hirotaka, kubota makoto, kubotoki, kuroganexfai, l, lelouch/suzaku, leonardo/raphael, light/l, lightxnear, lxnear, manga, megatron/starscream, melloxnear, midnighter/apollo, miki araya, mononoke, mst3k, mythical creatures, mythology, near, near neeeear neeeeeear, needs moar chris hansen, noirxflorian, optimus/starscream, poe, praying mantises, prowl/ratchet, raphael, rats, riff/cain, rock music, roleplaying, rosiel/katan, sakuragi yaya, sakurai shushushu, scythes, se7en, secret window, seto kaiba's clothes, shounen-ai, sickles, skyfire/starscream, slash, sleepy hollow, soba ni oitene, squidbillies, stamping communities, starscream, supernatural, symbolism, tentacle sex, the authority, the grinch, the soup, tmnt, torchwood, torgo, transformers, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, we're all mad here, wild adapter, writing, x-files, xenomorphs, xxxholic, yamada yugi, yaoi, you higuri, yuuko ichihara, zorak
Schools:None listed
People9:ada, alazif, diaochan, lyserg, souhait, soulmix, stewardess, valcion, xenomorph
Communities2:bwrpprivate, deadletters
Friend of:15: alazif, aleu, cretacia, diaochan, elthiatron, kibibi, lyserg, meerkat_miku, nightsong, sexy_serpent, souhait, soulmix, stewardess, valcion, xenomorph
Member of:6: _otp, animeaddme, bwrpprivate, deadletters, iam, ismylove
Account type:Early Free User

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