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User:xenomorph (24889)
Name:Storscrom's shitty fucking icons
Website:my personal journal--personal used lightly since it's just shit
Bio:I really wanted this username, but didn't want it to sit and rot. So I decided just to slap my icons in it, as shitty as they may be. Hay, maybe someone'll like them.

ANYWAY YEAAAAAAAAAAH! Here we go, for the curious.

1.) All icons without text are bases and may be customized. Hell, customize any of them, I don't care.
2.) Please comment! You don't have to, but it'd make me smile. :) As long as the comments are friendly. :);;;
3.) Credit is not mandatory, but it'd be nice!
4.) All icons from various fandoms and media sources or whatnot are not copyright me, nor am I trying to infringe on anything. I do not make icons out of fanart. Doujinshi, however, is fair game.
5.) Posts may be x-posted to various other sites. If you wish to comment, you can do so via anon or, if you have one, as your Scribbld username. Add your LJ/IJ/etc whatever in your comment so maybe I can see it later and go "d'awww that's mah bebe."

Either way whatever there you go.


Shit wanna be one? Just comment with your username and viola.
Interests:17: anime, asian horror, clamp, code geass, death note, hentai, higurashi, horror movies, icon making, icons, lol aliens, lol lots of shit, manga, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, transformers, yaoi
Schools:None listed
Friend of:1: starscream
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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