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User:nightsong (24441)
Would you love a monsterman? Could you understand? Beauty of the beast. I would do it all for you. You would you do it all, do it all for me?

Name: Nightsong
Height: 3'5(Beast Form)
Wingspan: 5 feet
Alliance: Predacon
Transformation: Bat
Weapons: Missiles, Laser Gun, Echolocation, Nocturnal Vision, Laser Beam Eyes
Bio: Sent to Earth on a Stasis Pod, the Predacons were the first to find her. Nightsong took the form of a bat and she is completely nocturnal, unable to function during the daylight hours. During the daylight hours, she sleeps in her pitch black chambers or sleeps in the rafters just above Megatron's quarters. At night, she often on night patrol and uses echolocation to find her way around and also to hunt for food. Though she doesn't admit it openly, she is fond of Megatron and often annoyed by Quickstrike and Waspinator.

“Suspicions amongst thoughts are like bats amongst birds, they ever fly by twilight.”

Interests:10: bats, beast wars, cybertron, decepticons, dinosaur, fighting, megatron, predacons, transformers, war
Schools:None listed
People10:aleu, cretacia, jimmy, kibibi, morgan, news, nightsong, sexy_serpent, starscream, system
Mutual Friends:5: aleu, cretacia, kibibi, nightsong, sexy_serpent
Also Friend of:2: elthiatron, meerkat_miku
Member of:1: bwrpprivate
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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