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User:sexy_serpent (24440)
It's never very hard stayin' true. When I'm stayin' true to you. And your kisses are all I think about. The proof is in your moves and your grooves. And the little things you do. And the silly things you laugh about. I called, you came. I called, you came. It seems to be our only way. I'll be dreamin' of the kissin' that I'm missin'. Truly wishin' that you listen when I sweetly ask you to striptease for me, baby...

Name: Stella
Height: 6'0(Beast Form/Length)
Alliance: Predacon
Transformation: Cobra
Weapons: Missiles, Laser Gun, Various Repair Tools, Poison Sting, Poison Bombs, Poison Spitfire
Bio: Sent to Earth on a Stasis Pod, the Predacons were the first to find her. She was a trained medic for the Predacons, much like her ancestors were for the Decepticons. she took the form of the king cobra, which she can use her venom to kill her enemies or make antivenom and other cures to cure her allies. She often stays in the base in the medical wing, but every now and then she is called out to battle. The bot she gets along with most is Quickstrike while the one that annoys her most is Tarantulus.

“I can either kill you or cure you. Make your choice.”

Interests:9: beast wars, doctor, healing, medic, nurse, predacons, quickstrike, snakes, transformers
Schools:None listed
People10:aleu, cretacia, jimmy, kibibi, morgan, news, nightsong, sexy_serpent, starscream, system
Mutual Friends:5: aleu, cretacia, kibibi, nightsong, sexy_serpent
Also Friend of:2: elthiatron, meerkat_miku
Member of:1: bwrpprivate
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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