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Subject:Random notice since I forgot to post one originally:
Time:09:06 am
Current Mood:busy
Soo... yeah. I don't friends lock much, if at all, but my friends page is looking scarce and the next friends locked post I make will probably a big one, since I plan on elaborating on myself and my irl shit more from now on - I want to get closer to the people who have opened up to me and I feel sorry I haven't tried to make connections sooner.

In any case...

Please Comment Here if:
A: You wish to be on my Friends List and I haven't added you(I'm disorganized like that.
B: You're okay with the occasional bitterness and ranting that'll probably come with learning about my situation (Nominated for 'Most Dysfunctional Family' by a group of roughly 4 or 5 people.)
C: You just want to comment on this for any reason whatsoever.
D: If you also potentially want my AIM, MSN, and IRC info(I only use Y!M for email notifications for RPs.)

I thank you all for your cooperation with this. Mon out.

End Transmission_
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Time:08:58 am
I am very bored today, and the RP I have on LJ I can't see because it's not responding.

Might anyone suggest memes I can waste my time with while LJ's being fail? I need to waste more free time.
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Time:04:23 pm
Current Mood:excited
Well, tiday didn't go as well as could be expected, but I managed to cheer up thanks to Liz.

Which reminds me: Liz and I are meeting in person on the 14th~, she's coming down to see my play, and we'll have fun I'm sure when I'm not busy with my play~

This makes me a happy Steven, but still. I've been horribly busy but I still try to make time for every one of my friends online.

...Still, Liz and I get to get together the day after Valentine's day~

Memes to come when I have time.

-End Transmission-
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Time:01:10 pm
Ugh. Just... ugh.

So stressed.

So drained.

So worrisome.

So in over my head.

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Subject:I'm a Meme Sheep, yes, what of it!?
Time:08:38 am

fave shipfave fandomfave animated
best quotebest textlessbest stolen idea
use the mostfavorite

DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: "Whee, look at me, I'm a giant nerd!"
WHAT FANDOM DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (11)
AND THE SECOND MOST: Code Geass (10)
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Something I need, orz

Coding can be found here

Liz, remind me to get some Yuusei icons on this account ASAP.
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Subject:A Trifecta of Nonsense, by me.
Time:08:36 am
Current Mood:tired
First of all, totally not dead, rehearsing for my play (Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream') not to mention midterms and family drama has been keeping me away from the computer.

Secondly, to [info]eevee : You will get on a normal sleep schedule so help me. You are too much of a panda sometimes. X.x;;

Thirdly, I sure am late to the meme, but hey, movie quotes:

Meme Sheep says what? )
Fourthly, I stayed up too late and had to contribute to family drama reaching a peak. If I ever try and do that again, someone hit me in the face.
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Current Music:'Clickety Clack, I'm broken, fix me!' By School Keyboard
Current Location:School
Time:12:52 pm
Current Mood:tired
So glad that it's Friday. I can finally relax...

...I hope.
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Subject:Obliagtory shout out to my fellow December birthday friend!
Time:08:02 am
Who the hell do you think I am, huh!? I'm Simon the Digger, and I'm wishing Ayumi A happy birthday!

Onwards, toward the heavens!

(This is also why no one should ever let me on the computer at 8 AM -ever-. <<;;a)

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Subject:Work, Work, Work....
Time:08:14 pm
Current Mood:busy
Okay so, for all those who dunno, here's the details. I, Mon Millennia, the Gem-headed Knight, am going to be a busy be for several months, not just because of chores, schoolwork, and my acting at the local playhouse, no.

Because I am generously and graciously offering people, my friends, the chance to watch a series that's under a fair bit of discontent, but is nonetheless awesome.

"Riding Duel, Acceleration!"

Yes, I'm talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. An honesty awesome series that anyone who's still got the little kid inside them should watch. Yes. The premise is exactly what you think. Card games on motorcycles. But it's a lot more than that.

In Japan, the first season's already over with the second season going to reach the halfway mark in a few weeks. I, with the help of some software, am going to be downloading hardsubbed episodes (Episodes with the Japanese voice acting with translated English Script embedded into the video.) And burning them to disc. I planned to have this done by Christmas, but I figure I'll be better able to work if I give myself some time. Season 2 will finish up sometime in Mid-April, and I'll have finished my DVDs at the earliest, a week after. A great endof-the-school-year present, no?

As far as things go, these will probably be the specifics.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds - Season 1 + 2
52 Episodes on (Either 11 discs or 3, depending on whether I have to follow how many minutes of stuff I can put on the disc or the actual data.)
DVD Menu so you can play all the episodes or jump to your favorite one!
Will (hopefully) be compatible with PS2's DVD-playing
capabilities. No clue yet.

So, yeah. For my friends, I'll gladly put you on the list. I have a few people I've got on the list already. (If I've put you name on here and you don't want it, please specify by commenting, and I'll take it off. Same goes to people who told me previously they wanted it and I forgot to put them on here.)

People who will be getting Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.

So... that's it, I suppose. I'll probably start getting Hardsubs downloaded tonight, and organized into a folder for downloading.

~End Transmission~

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Time:02:30 pm
Current Mood:exhausted
...Mn... that went spectacularly.

Edit: Okay so, what had happened last night is when I tried to approach DA en masse about all the shit that had been going on, with the superpower overkill and whatnot... I got no support from the community, and then when I went into the talkroom, it was invalidated because there was no support for it. I tried to talk a little bbit but they.. they all virtually prpetty much ganged up on me. Adding onto the pile with tons of criticism that thehy had planned for me after thanksgiving, pretty much bashing me down to the point where I basically think that it's all my fault for my dislike in the RP. They also mentioned that none of my characters were well-played except when happy, that the mood of the RP is what I make of it, and that I was getting out exactly as much as I put in. Which the last part was kinda bullshit. None of them even considered how I felt, and I basicallly broke down to the point of thinking I was a useless fuck up whose RP hadn't matured at all and that I didn't contribuute anything to the RP. I'm backk to square one again, now. I feel like crap, all exhausted. I'm snapping at people more... I'm second guessing myself with everything I do...

It's just... ugh, I don't even know anymore...
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Subject:Figures my first actual post would be complaining about RP.
Time:08:59 pm
Current Mood:Aggravated
Alright, so, I'm in this RP, right? (Liz, Aeria and a few others on this one know which), and there's this big damn finale set up, right? Well, I just wake up not half a hour ago and find it's already in progress. So I just say 'fuck it', since I'm not going to be on long anyway, and decide to skip it altogether. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with the RP there. Mostly because instead of actual humans doing things -everyone- has a superpower now, and the super-evil shit's way over anyone's heads. Oh, and only one person gets to be the hero cause it's a fandom RP, despite that one person's controller actually kinda fails at beating the big bad guy and shouldn't be handling this stuff anymore anyway.

At least the guy who does these monotonus 'end of the world' plots says he's taking a long break after this. I hope that's true and not like my other friend who said he would never do a plot again yet came back anyway. I love him like a rival and a brother but... grah. So expected.

Not to mention one guy has pretty much a Marty Stu and only just gets away with it, who drags half the female characters to his own dimension-world and usually keeps their character development super-limited, which gets my goat. Hell. The character himself kinda irks me, sine he's often making decisions for everyone else. I would raise these issues but, blah. The two I'm most annoyed with are mods and they don't really get it.

At some point, I'm hoping things climb back uphill.
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Subject:Christmis List, for the hell of it.
Time:12:51 pm
So, my girlfriend Liz made one of these a while back, and I figure I might post mine here, so here goes.

Mon(GemheadedKnight)'s Christmas List for 2008:
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
(Being bought by Liz. ^_^)
Dragonforce 'Ultra Beatdown' album.
A replica of Link(The Legend of Zelda)'s hat.
Yu-Gi-Oh cards(Preferrably any packs after 'Strike of Neos')
Some quality time to spend with my love, Liz
And anything else you guys think I might want! Surprise me!
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