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User:saekuto (16077)
Souvenirs out of style
Name:My neon glowing neck breaks!
Website:Reptar, King of The Ozone
Location:mtl, Canada
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status mangas_girl4@yahoo.fr (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:

You pretty much amaze me


{Go your way}
{Red Passion}

Memories6 entries
Interests:101: 176biz, 3 6 mafia, a static lullaby, adair, adison, afterglow, alexisonfire, an café, anathomy of a ghost, anime, antm, armor for sleep, atreyu, best interest, bleed the dreams, brandnew, broken image, city and color, closure, compas, css, death cab for cutie, diffuser, dir en grey, drama, drawing, emanuel, emery, evan ross, every time i die, food, francais, from first to last, fruits bascket, fullmetalalchemist, funeral for a friend, furuba, gaiaonline, gj, graphics, haiti, hatsuharu, html, hyuuga, incubus, japan, jdrama, jesus, jpop, jrock, kai hiwatari, kdrama, kpop, lil wayne, lj, lm.c, love, madison, manga, matchbox 20, matchbox romance, montreal, music, my chemical romance, no doubt, photoshoping, pokemon, rachel bilson, rap, rise against, rufio, ryuusei, saves the day, sensesfail, sesshoumaru, show, silverstein, sleep, something corporate, story of the year, supernatural, system of a down, t.i., taking back sunday, teddy geiger, the bled, the devil wears prada, the distillers, the early november, the gazette, the o.c., the stills, the used, thrice, thursday, trapt, trivium, tv, tyra banks, underoath, zouk
Schools:None listed
People9:atelier, higinia, jimmy, news, opera, rambo, roniah, scilence, system
Communities8:10variations, animeicons, discord, flamecup, kiyoko, sq, thrashground, ugly_icons
Friend of:3: atelier, higinia, scilence
Member of:7: 10variations, discord, flamecup, kiyoko, sq, thrashground, ugly_icons
Account type:Early Free User

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