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User:heartshapecandy (25760)
Name:♬ Sex Sells
Website:Stomping Ground
AOL IM:AIM status awesome instead (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Google Talk:
Interests:22: anime, avatar, avatar the last airbender, black cat, code geass, computers, death note, family guy, final fantasy, gundam wing, gurren lagann, himym, indiana jones, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, star wars, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tengen toppa gurren lagann, wank, yu-gi-oh, yuugiou
Schools:None listed
People12:aheroemerges, hammerofjustice, heartshapecandy, juuhachigou, juunanagou, kiokushitaka, lunareuphoria, powerpuff, shattering, shinimegami, strawberrytea, urgent
Communities11:animechorus, awesometacular, bitchbook, bookofrandom, deadletters, flamecup, ihavemarried, rants, rock_mentality, savinme, ttooc
Friend of:7: aheroemerges, hammerofjustice, heartshapecandy, juuhachigou, juunanagou, powerpuff, strawberrytea
Member of:10: animechorus, awesometacular, bitchbook, bookofrandom, deadletters, flamecup, ihavemarried, rants, savinme, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

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