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User:akuma (13490)
I don't mind to seem unusually unkind.
You ask what kind of guy am I.
Name:dead girls like me

akuma (悪魔) n. : an evil spirit; devil. Either a friend or foe -- can't have in between. Will play as your favorite devil or your worse nightmare. Doesn't welcome anyone who's profane. Doesn't take a liking to controversy and tends to veer away from it. Other forms of nonsense or incivility will get you nowhere close to here. This is just a lazy excuse for filling this thing up, so go here to get what you've really come for.

10 YEARS Just Can't Win // You and I share the same reflection. Why don't you see that we cannot survive in this condition? If you're cut, I'll bleed. So go on, carve into your own heart. I could use a new scar, or a brand new start. Slowly severing the only memories that bind us as one. I just don't know how to win with you, and I can't let go. Part of me is you. We have lost all communication when words fall on deaf ears. I'm starting to feel a transformation. How did I get here? I don't recognize my own reflection. It's a ghost of what once was gone from relative to stranger. Separating body from mind. I just don't know how to win with you. I can't let go. Part of me is you. You stay the same; I'll remain to change. I just don't know how to win with you. And I can't let go. Part of me is you. I just don't know..just don't know..just don't know...I can't let go..can't let go...can't let go.

Memories2 entries
Interests:12: alcohol, angel sanctuary, books, cars, cigarettes, guitar, kaori yuki, music, video games, voltaire, women, you
People16:akuma, cannibal, destructive, diaochan, doodles, dreadable, eevee, hanabi, kirie, okura_chan, rei, rubbish, sehnsucht, shattering, valcion, villetta
Communities7:holyterrors, kaoriyuki, lmaoaim, ongaku, savinme, skyquake, spookshow
Account type:Early Adopter

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