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User:ryuuichi (21228)
Name:Ryuuichi Naruhodou

A new time, a new courtroom, but nothing's changed. I will still fight for what I believe in, and I will always be challenged to back up what I say. Sure I'll make mistakes, but I'll never give up. I will always be [Forever Objecting]. SO PREPARE FOR MY NEXT CROSS-EXAMINATION AND MY NEWEST PRESSING PURSUIT!

PhotobucketMISTER TURNABOUT; Ryuuichi is your atypical defense attorney here in the courtroom. Believing in those he feels are truly worth believing in, and defending what he believes in until the end. He also: Secretly enjoys the whippings; Has relaxed conversations outside of court; Munches down a good burger now and then; Faints from Double the Punishment; Is rumoured to have taken a coffee-bath on at least one occasion; Constantly exchanging Trump Cards and T-Link Knuckles.

Introduction Post V3.0 & Banner to Come~

leftIcon Journal ~ leftTreasured RP Snippets


Memories4 entries
Interests:16: blue suit, breaking down doors, cross-examinations, cross-examining burning bridges, cross-examining everything, crossing burning bridges, defending the innocent, defense badge, do not want edgeyxnick, falling into rivers, objection!, prosecuting prodigy ♥, showing off defense badge, spikey hair, turnabouts, whipped by prosecution
Schools:None listed
People20:cc, diaochan, drella, dwokimmortalus, edo, eevee, kirie, lunareuphoria, mei, rei, shattering, shinimegami, snake, unicorn, urgent, utena, valcion, voltaire, whip, zombeh
Communities6:addme, animechorus, dear_you, digitalworld, objection, soundlife
Friend of:13: cc, diaochan, drella, edo, eevee, kirie, lunareuphoria, unicorn, utena, valcion, voltaire, whip, zombeh
Member of:8: addme, animechorus, bitchbook, dear_you, digitalworld, honorcup, rants, soundlife
Account type:Early Free User

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