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User:edo (21899)
{Like A Lollipop}
Round &&& Round ~~~

The Girl Behind The Journal

Edo(n); Defined as a 20 year old female. She has a bad attitude and a low tolerance for bullshit. She tends to write fanfiction of the yaoi kind, and if this bothers you, GTFO KTHNX. Yugioh, Yugioh GX and Yugioh Abridged Are her Gods. She will bow. That is all.

See Also; Edo-Chan, Ruby & K.

Friends Only, FTMFW

Comment Here

Why Edo? Why Not...Perhaps Johan?

Well as much as I love Johan and Ruby, it started from my like of Edward from Twilight. Then to my current obsession Yu-Gi-Oh GX and to my favorite character Edo Phoenix. I just took it on as a persona, so my journal reflects that!

Want To Have Phone Sex? Not.

+++ ; +++ ; +++ ; +++

Interests:78: , bastian misawa, burst lady, burstinatrix, chazz/jaden, chobits, dance dance revolution, digimon, dnangel, duel monsters, edo phoenix, eerie queerie, elemental heros, fubuki/edo, fubuki/kenzan, fubuki/ryo, gem beasts, glaceon, gravitation, haou/juudai, jim/johan, jim/kenzan, johan andersen, johan anderson, johan/manjyome, juudai yuki, juudai/edo, juudai/ryo, kaiba/jou, leafeon, manga, manjoume/judai, manjoume/juudai, manjuu, manjyome jun, manjyome white thunder, manjyome/edo, manjyome/judai, manjyome/juudai, naruto, nintendo, ojama yellow, one piece, otakon, playstation 2, pokemon, puffy amiyumi, rainbow dragon, resident evil, rock lee, rurouni kenshin, ryo/edo, ryo/fubuki, saiou/edo, saiou/fubuki, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sanji, seto kaiba, seto/jou, shou/kenzan, the simpsons, vaporeon, video games, weiss kruez, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yu-gi-oh! gx, yubel, yubel/johan/juudai, yugioh, yugioh gx, yugioh gx yaoi, yugioh yaoi, yugioh! gx, yuri, yuuki juudai, zane truesdale
Schools:None listed
People10:diaochan, edo, eevee, lunareuphoria, mei, rei, ryuuichi, tenjou, urgent, zombeh
Friend of:5: diaochan, edo, eevee, ryuuichi, tenjou
Member of:1: bitchbook
Account type:Early Free User

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