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Community Information

Below is information about the "† All Icontest †" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:all_icontest (35268)
Name:† All Icontest †

Sick and tired of coming to icon contest communities and being limited by what your subject has to be? We all love specific things, but sometimes the best icons are made when your creativity is allowed to flow. With All Icontest, our goal is to maintain an active community for icon makers to compete with any form of subject they'd like, be it people or nature or video game characters or even just plain expressive typography, as long as it fits the theme of the week and follows a few easy-to-follow rules:

ONE :: Icons must be compatible for upload with Scribbld. That means, they must be no larger than 100x100 pixels, it must be of png/gif/jpg format, etc. If you're uncertain if it fits this criteria, comment on the theme post with your icon at least a few days before the due date of the current theme's entries.

TWO :: No offensive material. If you submit an icon that has any form of discrimination or pornographic materia in it, your entry will be deleted and you will be warned once. If the offense is repeated twice, you will be removed from the community. Nudity is acceptable if it is artistic nudity and not nakedness/sexual/porn. If you don't understand the difference, please ask a moderator.

THREE :: Entries submitted need to contain the following: Icon (in image form), the icon's URL, what the subject is (if it's a person or character, their name, if it's a flower, what kind of flower, etc.), and if the subject is from something a form of media (games, tv shows, bands, etc.) include the name of the fandom that it is from. All icons made for entry must be new icons, made specifically for this icon contest community and not advertised elsewhere. After that week's theme is over, you may do with them as you please. Two entries max per theme please.

FOUR :: You must be a member of the community to submit entries.

FIVE :: No drama. If a person asks for constructive criticism on their icon, please either send them a private message with that or if it is done in a comment on the community (after the icons have been released when that week's theme voted for and over), please make sure that it is constructive and done in a polite and well-thought-out manner.

SIX :: The themes will vary. This means, not all of the themes are going to be lyric or word themes-- they can be style themes, image themes, subject themes, etc.

SEVEN :: How many places will be available to win that week is based on how many entries we have.

1-3 entries: 1st
4-5 entries: 1st-2nd
6-8 entries: 1st-2nd-3rd
9+ entries: 1st-2nd-3rd-Special*
*Special placing will vary. Examples: Mod's Choice, Best Crop, Most Fitting, Best Color, etc.

EIGHT :: All icons, winning or not, will have their makers revealed after voting for that week is closed. This is in case someone would like to use an icon that was involved in the contest, they may still have the opportunity to credit its maker. This is a measure aimed at preventing icon theft. The number of votes that each icon received will not be revealed to anyone, for this reason, except if the icon maker his/herself requests it.

NINE :: It's unrealistic to expect all icons to be made from non-fanart sources, after discussing it with a friend I think it might be a good idea to adhere at least a bit more to the OFP. However, it won't be quite as strict as I know a lot of people like to use fanart, so here's the deal: You may use fanart/doujinshi as long as you can credit the artist. Uploading the original image is the same as using the artist's work without permission or crediting it. This means, if you don't know where the artwork came from, you cannot use it. However, as long as you can credit the artist either by name or by linking to the artist's website/deviant art or other art-hosting site account, then it's 100% a-okay to use. That said, this rule will be in effect from week 10 onward. Not crediting the artist behind your art is the same as someone not crediting your icon.

TEN :: Questions/comments/complaints can be directed to the moderator(s). Any help/suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! If you have a specific kind of theme you want to do, don't be afraid to say it! We want this to be a fun and interactive community that will hopefully be active for a very long time, so any help and love is always appreciated! And don't forget to have fun! This is a competitive community, but it's definitely made to have fun!

Profile code by reversescollide and modified by kogarasumaru.

[info]animeicontest :: [info]the_icontest :: [info]shounenawards

Interests:16: 100x100, anime, competition, contests, epic win, everything, flowers, graphics, icons, music, rap, rock, subject, television, themes, video games
Maintainers:1: kogarasumaru
Members:9: aibou, bulma, hammerofjustice, kirie, kogarasumaru, lunareuphoria, mahou, strawberrytea
Watched by:8: aibou, bulma, hammerofjustice, kirie, kogarasumaru, lunareuphoria, manlygraphics, strawberrytea
Account type:Early Free User

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