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User:bulma (15950)
I need a miracle. Not someone's charity.
A labor of fiction is always a shame.
Bio:Rest assured, this account is active. I log into it at least once a week.

About me: I'm a female in my late-twenties living in Southern California. I mainly take an interest in Sociology, Anthropology, animals, dance, music and Philosophy. I used to be really into anime but not so much anymore, although I still like it. I have a massive Tamagotchi collection and am currently working on a website to showcase my collection (which can be found at [info]tamagotchis). I also love to dance and sing, which I'm told I'm fairly good at. My favorite past time is honestly just studying and learning anything I'm interested in, particularly scientific socialism (i.e. Marxism). My other favorite past times include holding hands, hugging, kissing, making out, cuddling, snuggling, and especially spooning. My celebrity crushes are Carl Sagan and Brian Cox :)

Why I'm here:
I have chosen to migrate over to this account from Inksome because Inksome shut down. I also use DW as one of my main accounts. Feel free to add me and please leave a comment if you do so!

InsaneJournal: scorpio
InkSome.com: bulma (used to be my main journal)
LiveJournal: component (formerly "galaxyexpress", used to be my main journal)
DreamWidth.org: Bulma (in use for cosplay and crosspostingpurposes)
DeadJournal: spacepirate
JournalFen.net: diary

There are probably a few other accounts I'm forgetting about.

My blogging history:
My very first journal/blog was on http://diaryland.com in 2003. I have been journaling ever since. I migrated away from that site to LiveJournal probably at some point in 2004. I was very happy with that website up until 2007 when Strikethrough occured and since then I have moved to Inksome, shut down in early 2011. I have decided to use this journal and my Dreamwidth account as my main accounts. I'll still keep my LJ because I've invested a lot of money into that site (paid accounts, rename tokens, etc.) so feel free to add me over there or anywhere else because I won't object to new friends :)

You can view my very first "diary" at http://alqualonde.diaryland.com.
Interests:47: anime, anthropology, california, communism, cuddling, dance, dancing, dialectical materialism, digimon, digital pet, digital pets, economics, electronic pet, electronic pets, engels, giga pet, giga pets, historical materialism, james p cannon, keychain pet, keychain pets, kissing, lenin, marx, marxism, music, nano pet, nano pets, pets, piano, politics, reading, running, singing, snuggling, socialism, sociology, spooning, swimming, tamagotchi, tamagotchis, tennis, trotsky, trotskyism, virtual pet, virtual pets, zoology
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities6:all_icontest, animechorus, animeicontest, iconstipation, scribbldsuggest, sextalk
Friend of:1: kuroitenshi
Member of:5: all_icontest, animechorus, animeicontest, iconstipation, scribbldsuggest
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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