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User:enamor (21268)
Name:Underneath it all, she's shattered.
Website:typical myspace linkage
Memories1 entry
Interests:59: advice, american eagle, animals, being loved, blow jobs, books, bras, breasts, britney spears, cuddling, dancing, days of our lives, ellen degeneres, fantasy, flip flops, football, friends, gossip girl, greatestjournal, harry potter, kissing, kissing on the beach, kristen stewart, laughing, lingere, love, lube, makeup, making out, mcdonalds, men, money, music, my ipod, myspace, one tree hill, oral sex, orgasms, pornography, rain, reading, robert pattinson, sex, sex tips, sexuality, singing, stephenie meyer, summer, the cullens, thunderstorms, true love, twilight graphics, twilight movie, twilight movie posters, twilight series, vampires, werewolves, women, writing
Schools:None listed
Communities4:easy, myspacers, recap, skinnydip
Also Friend of:3: blunted, bosox, endearing
Member of:11: aimsn, ask, comments, easy, extraordinary, lovestruck, myspacers, recap, skinnydip, spearssource, tradingpost
Account type:Early Free User

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