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User:blunted (11532)
Name:“τнε іηѕταητ сlαѕѕіс”
Location:Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:AIM status missdawnmariex (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:149: 30 seconds to mars, american eagle, amusement parks, ashley mizzaro, babies, bags, baseball, bed, blistex, blizzards, blunts, bongs, books, boston, bowls, boys, bras, bret hart, bret michaels, britney spears, calanders, cameras, cars, cashmere mafia, cats, cellphones, chase crawford, cheese, chicken, chris jericho, christmas, christmas trees, clothes, cm punk, coffee, computers, crayons, days of our lives, days off, desperate housewives, disney, dr. drew, draco malfoy, dunkin donuts, dvds, ed westwick, ellen degeneres, eminem, family, fantasy, febreze, florida, football, friends, gossip girl, greatestjournal, guitar hero, halloween, harry potter, holidays, icons, insane journal, internet, jared leto, jeff hardy, jewlery, john cena, john morrison, joints, kenny dykstra, kittens, kofi kingston, lighters, lights, lingere, livejournal, makeup, making out, marijuana, mary carey, massachusetts, matt hardy, mcdonalds, men, mermaids, michael cera, moment of truth, money, mountain dew, mr kennedy, music, myspace, nelly, new years, nicole scherziger, north carolina, office supplies, patriots, pencils, penn badgley, pens, perfume, pictures, pink, pink lighters, pipes, playstation, pornography, posters, pot, pussy cat dolls, rain, reading, red sox, remus lupin, rob zombie, rock of love, ron weasley, ryan reynolds, sarcasm, severus snape, sheri moon zombie, shoes, singing, sirius black, snow, socks, sophia bush, stuff, superbad, the devils rejects, things, thunderstorms, triple h, underwear, victoria, volleyball, water, water slides, wave pools, weed, will smith, work, world wrestling enterainment, wrestling, wwe, xbox, xtina, young and the restless
Schools:None listed
People16:belovings, british, cherish, country, enamor, exquisite, fuckerii, funk, glamfully, lambie, nejjeh, nitro, oopsies, pinkyswear, smoke, tempo
Communities18:ask, badtattoos, baked, chill, comments, conquered, donut, extraordinary, flamecup, glitters, honorcup, iconic, recap, sims, skinnydip, tattoos, thrashground, usernames
Friend of:11: belovings, british, caked, country, exquisite, funk, lambie, nejjeh, oopsies, sarkazm, tempo
Member of:17: ask, badtattoos, baked, chill, comments, conquered, donut, extraordinary, flamecup, honorcup, iconic, recap, sims, skinnydip, tattoos, thrashground, usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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