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Community Information

Below is information about the "The Artists of Scribbld" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:artists (25830)
Scribbld Artists
share your creative streak
Name:The Artists of Scribbld
Theme:A place for artists at Scribbld to show their work!
About:Welcome to [info]artists at Scribbld!

This community is for people who are actively creating art of any kind, in whatever discipline(s) appeal to them. We are here to give you a forum to show off what you have done, what you are working on, as well as to give support and feedback to those who need it.

When you join, please fill out the following form and post it in the community to introduce yourself:


You don't have to be an artist to hang out with us - if you just enjoy seeing what other people are up to, like to look at art, or study art history you are also welcome! Here is an introduction for you to fill out when you join - it is similar to the one for artists, but does not require showing us your own artwork:

As things get underway, much more will be coming soon! Check back often to see how things are growing and changing. :)

Please feel free to contact me (Sarah) with any questions and/or concerns you might have.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Special thanks to Liz [info]sparks for our layout!
Interests:65: airbrush, animation, anime, art, art history, art school, art shows, artists, bands, beading, choreography, collaboration, collage, comics, crafts, create, creative, creative pursuits, creativity, dance, dancers, design, drawing, exhibitions, fashion design, film, galleries, graphic design, graphic novels, graphics, instruments, jewelry, life drawing, media arts, metal work, mixed media, movies, museums, music, novels, painting, performance art, photography, playing music, poetry, printmaking, projects, scratch board, screen printing, sculpture, sewing, short stories, singers, singing, songwriting, still life, stone carving, stories, tattoo art, tattoo design, theater, theatre, video, welding, writing
Maintainers:1: 61_keys_to_play
Members:23: 61_keys_to_play, aprilx0x, azalea, bitten, blueyeswhtdragn, bohemian, dandi, devours, helvete, humanitea, ibmxcrazy, izuna, liable, lilyyip, mmmbeards, perpetual, pyr0m4n14c, robert_goren, rue_crow, sanctified, siriuslysnape, strip, teased
Watched by:16: 61_keys_to_play, aprilx0x, bitten, blueyeswhtdragn, dandi, devours, humanitea, izuna, kuroitenshi, lilyyip, mmmbeards, robert_goren, rue_crow, siriuslysnape, strip, teased
Account type:Early Free User

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