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Community Information

Below is information about the "Collect and Sell Sailormoon Related Goods" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:smcollector (21156)
(no userpics)
Name:Collect and Sell Sailormoon Related Goods
Theme:Buy and Sell Sailormoon Items
About:Welcome to [info]smcollector, a place to share your collection with others as well as a place to sell items you no longer want.

This is open to all, so like any good community there will be some guidelines to follow just to keep this place a drama free community.

1/If you're posting up photos of your collection, just make sure that you say that it's for that & rather or not you'd ever be willing to part with it. The same goes if you're posting things for sell, just state clearly what is & isn't for sale as well as prices (unless of course you're taking a best offer).

2/If someone posts and says it's their collection, don't ask if it for sale, chances are it is not. But you can ask maybe where they got it, in general people are pretty nice about something like that.

3/Once people start selling items a feedback page will go up where you can start thread for users that have performed transactions. Please use it once it exists.

4/Please lj-cut anything over one image, if it's a large image either add it to the cut or shrink it down so that it doesn't mess with users layouts.

5/No drama, there is no need for it here. Now if you bought something or are selling something and the other person isn't communicating (paying or sending) it's a different matter, but keep it all adult.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to PM, IM or email me. -Usagi

Other Important Things (said by someone else)
This community was made for people who collect Sailor Moon merchandise.

Welcome post is here (also contains code for member questionare):

List of our members/collections, here:

特別  The kind of posts we are looking for:  特別

-General questions/information on/about Sailor Moon merchandise. Examples: "Is this a bootleg?" "Was there ever a doll of _____ made?" "I've been looking for ____, but I think it's really rare."

-Post your collection! **Please make only ONE post, and edit it, if you need to add or modify**

-Looking for ____ posts. If you are looking for a specific collectible, you can ask if anyone knows where to find it, or would be willing to sell/trade one of their own.
***LIMIT ONCE PER WEEK*** this WILL be enforced. If it becomes excessive, I will lengthen the amount of time between.

注意!  The kind of posts we want to avoid:  注意!
-Random, off-topic crap. The topic is always SAILOR MOON COLLECTION RELATED.

-Advertising other communities.

-Posts filled with icons, surveys, Rpgs, cosplay, fan art, etc. This community is for toys and collectibles ONLY.
Interests:40: anime, artbook, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, book, brooch, card, cd, chibi chibi, chibi moon, collection, doll, dvd, fighter, figure, healer, jupiter, keychain, luna, maker, manga, mars, mercury, moon, neptune, plushie, pluto, r, sailor moon, sailor senshi, sailor star lights, sailormoon, stars, super, supers, tuxedo kamen, tuxedo mask, uranus, venus, wallscroll, wand
Maintainers:1: kuroitenshi
Members:4: bitten, catgirl_luna, hatchet, kuroitenshi
Watched by:4: bitten, catgirl_luna, hatchet, kuroitenshi
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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