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Community Information

Below is information about the "randomquestion" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:randomquestion (11832)
Theme:random, questions
Website:mods journal
About:This community is for random questions, obviously!

01- All posts must contain a question of some sort.
02 - Don't start drama! Debate all you want, just no unneccary drama!
03 - All video's and pictures must be behind an LJ cut!
04 - Do not disable comments to your entry.
05 - No advertising.
06 - No offensive material.
07- Requests for any copyrighted material to be shared illegally are not allowed.
08- Do not give out personal information that could lead to unwanted attention and/or visits.
09- Do not violate Scribbld ToS.

Not following any of these rules will lead to the deletion of your post!

Any questions? Comment on the moderators friends only entry! [info]monument

This community is based on the randomquestion community on greatestjournal


[info]addme [info]askhere [info]conquered [info]divierto [info]fontaddicts [info]resourced
Interests:4: answers, questions, random, random questions
Maintainers:1: monument
Members:57: _bden_, adore, audacity, azalea, bitten, bohemian, boobalicious, cincinnati, classicdramatic, clockworkspyder, coral, crazyferblink, decembersnow, delorean, devoured, ditte, dmwacoustics, doubleindemnity, drinks, ebola, elit, emerald_chaos, fairyprincess, feminine, forbidden_love, forgive, gandalf, hilary, hookah, jealous, jeffro, karma, laceandcream, langers, lascivious, liable, littlemonster, mandywheeler, mel, monument, moon_river, notjustapuppet, nova_gurl, perpetual, sanctified, sapphireblue, somebunni, supromote, tinyvegan, tyciol, val0, wishes, withbirdswefly, yellowsubmarine, zebraflies
Account type:Early Adopter

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