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User:clockworkspyder (32333)
Interests:65: ancient egypt, bondage, bottom, boy/boy, boyxboy, cat, cats, cradle of filth, dani filth, dark lines, dark romance, dark stories, dark storylines, darker sls, demons, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, dom, dominant, egypt, elf, elizabeth i, england, fantasy, feline, felines, femmeslash, fluff, games, history, japan, kink, kyo, lycanthropes, metal, mika tan, mythology, natalie dormer, pb, pixies, pixy, role playing, roleplaying, romance, romania, rpg, rpg communities, russia, s&m, seme, sidhe, slash, smut, storylines, sub, submissive, therianthropes, top, uke, unseelie, unseelie sidhe, vampires, werewolf, writing, yaoi
Schools:None listed
Friend of:1: imperfections
Member of:1: randomquestion
Account type:Early Free User

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