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User:nova_gurl (10645)
Through the eyes of
A shutter bug
Bio:A little about myself,
I'm 45, female, happily married, child free living in Ontario, Canada. I'm a fairly down-to-earth type of person.

My interests include: digital photography, scrap booking, guitars, journals,
taking care of our home, listening to music,getting together with my friends for coffee, shopping, running shoes aka sneakers, t-shirts, clothes, computers,internet, chatting, email, yahoo groups, helping people, online games at pogo, and much more.

A few of my favorite music artists: Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, The Devlins, The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, DMB, Lifehouse, top 40, most any 80s tunes, The Band, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, OMD, Jack Johnson, and more.

Fav foods: Pizza, homemade lasagna, choc chip cookies.
Fav Drinks: Coca Cola, Frozen Margaritas.

I have set this account to

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you feel we share something in common and would like be apart of my list, please comment and I shall add you.
Interests:125: 6 feet under, 80's music, abba, arthritis, blue, bob dylan, bon jovi, canada, car shows, cassettes, cds, cell phones, chat, chevy ll, childfree, chocolate, cigarettes, classic cars, classic rock, clothing, coca cola, coffee, collections, computers, concerts, corn bread, csi, deadjournal, deli, digital photography, dmb, dodge magnums, dr.phil, dreamwidth, driving, drums, email, er, eric clapton, family, fender, fibromyalgia, friends, guitars, hair styles, hearses, helicopters, ice cream, icq, iggy pop, ij, inksome, internet, jack johnson, james taylor, johnny cash, journals, layouts, lifehouse, livejournal, lps, lyrics, makeup, malls, margaritas, marriage, married life, misfits, movies, mp3s, msn, muscle cars, museums, music, mustangs, novas, old navy, omd, online games, oprah, orange, our lady peace, outer space, parasailing, peter gabriel, photography, pizza, pop corn, programs, purple, random questions, reading, red, relaxing, rock and roll, s1, s2, scrabble, scrapbooking, scribbld, scribblit, semagic, sewing, sheryl crow, shopping, singing, spring, stereos, sun, surfing the net, survivor, system of a down, tattoos, tea, the devlins, the ramones, the tea party, uk, usa, walmart, winamp, writing music, yahoo, yellow, yoga
People11:dons_light08, jimmy, lesli, lteagleeyes, news, nova_gurl, rolypoly_laurie, seren, system, trinkettt, words_spoken
Communities8:addme25_andup, askhere, backgrounds, inkpen, promote, randomquestion, thrashground, uniquelayouts
Mutual Friends:8: dons_light08, lesli, lteagleeyes, nova_gurl, rolypoly_laurie, seren, trinkettt, words_spoken
Member of:8: addme25_andup, askhere, backgrounds, inkpen, promote, randomquestion, thrashground, uniquelayouts
Account type:Early Adopter

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