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User:trinkettt (10655)
Emotions in Motion
They can change their minds but they can't change me...

"Everything that glitters, is not gold!"

I see you found your way to my Journal.
I'm Laurie (aka) "Trinkettt".
You will find that I'm easy going
and the mood here is very casual.
Take a look around
or go to my Website.
I now have [info]trinkettticons
If you want to add me as a friend
just let me know,
and most likely I will add you back.
You might as well know right now,
I'm an EXTREME FAN of OCC... "Hell ya"!

I'm sorry, but I will not tolerate drama.
I don't like drama, and I wont be part of it.
I've learned if you feed the fire it will just keep burning.
Que Sera, Sera... So if you are just "lurking"
looking to start some type of LJ drama,
go away and don't look back!

Interests:128: adam sandler, advil, alice cooper, angels, animals, beach, beach towels, beer, bill paxton, billy squire, bunnies, california, campfires, camping, casinos, chevyvan, christmas season, cigarettes, cloudy days, coach, cockatoos, coffee, cold weather, computers, concerts, coppertone, costas mandylor, country, dancing, daydreaming, decor, def leppard, desktop themes, diet coke, disco, disneyland, downloading, dreaming, ebay, eternity, firebird, flicks, flower power, flowers, fossil, friends, fullmoon, garth brooks, gizmo, gossip mags, groovy, gus, hairspray, hawaii, helen hunt, high tide, horror, ice, iced tea, incense, jafra, jeans, jeremy sisto, jim croce, judds, kate winslet, knotts berry farm, lace, lake, laughter, led zepplin, leo dicaprio, lottery, low tide, makeup, mel gibson, mellow, money, monsoons, mountains, movies, music, occ, our boat, paul sr, peace, pepsi, perfume, peter frampton, picnics, pics., pinetrees, pizza, pretenders, quiet, rain, rapture, relax, religion, rock-n-roll, rod stewart, sandcastles, satelite dish, seaguls, seashells, shopping, singing, sparky, star gazing, starfish, state fairs, steak, storm chasers, stormy days, sunflowers, sunsets, surf, tabu, tara, tigress, titanic, toasted marshmellows, tornados, trolls, tv, tye dye, watermelon, yard sales
Schools:None listed
People9:dons_light08, jimmy, lesli, news, nova_gurl, rolypoly_laurie, system, techno_goddess, words_spoken
Mutual Friends:6: dons_light08, lesli, nova_gurl, rolypoly_laurie, techno_goddess, words_spoken
Account type:Early Adopter

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